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  1. What the fuck us going on here? Can't leave a message, can't renew, too much 'puter crap going that takes up too much time.

    Hope this goes through and hope all is well,


    1. k-dog


      Got me ...... Hang on my man- was away at a rally... back now I will get my peepers on this... report back shortly - other then that all is well \


    2. k-dog


      Soo.. it went?  I saw Peter adjusted the preferences to  fix this issue... Darren it went thru so your set so I think its resolved... I got your renewal and will send it out.   Thanks- Sorry for the inconvenience.  Technology  its out to kill us sometimes!

    3. dirtyhandslopez


      Yep, all done. Thanks for looking out.

      What pissed me off was the waste of my time, got mouths to feed and I lost over an hour of my life over this.

      A Free beer glass would make me feel a whole lot better (hint hint) :) 

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