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  1. Excellent - that is really great!!!
  2. This picture is from Vittorio Tessera's book "Lambretta Due Ruote Di Felicia" -Winner gets this swag!
  3. k-dog

    caption contest

    ok it was tough....Tom Kemp won this round... will do another later this week. Thanks for playing.
  4. k-dog

    caption contest

    This picture is from Vittorio Tessera's book "Lambretta Due Ruote Di Felicita" Looking for the best caption- Winner gets this swag
  5. k-dog


    Looks like your sorted out. Welcome!
  6. digging theses - really look at that orange one... its done nicely
  7. k-dog

    Renewal "goodies"

    We do. Hmmm it being Feb and that was December.... perhaps it got jammed up in the mail? Let me look in and see whats known on our end and we will send again.
  8. https://scooterlab.uk/14bhp-casa-performance-luna-and-j-casa-135-kit-road-test/?fbclid=IwAR2DmfaDn8AcTlxyDuD2ULL_P9GQMzsGKo6FyL6Ag1h012iNhpSqgsuhiNc
  9. Is there any LCUSA members planning on going to Eurolambretta Poland in June this year? I am trying to get a headcount on the tickets the club needs. Please send me a message, email me - kieran@lambrettaclubusa.net, or get a hold of me somehow so I can put you on list.To be hosted in Zakopane June 13. To get a ticket you must be a LCUSA member and it's 100 Euros for a ticket. You actually pay us and then we buy the lot of tickets from the Polish club. We need to buy our tickets by beginning of March. Thank you. Seems like Facebook has a page for it https://www.facebook.com/events/567109407051250/ and www.lambretta-club.pl/
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