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  1. Playing for.. LCPoland LSB LCVPoland decal LCBelgium Decal El Siambretta Decal And pocket calendar You see the picture- Caption away!
  2. congrats - got one more to post is a few days
  3. Playing for.. LCBelgium LSB LCViet Nam decal LCBelgium Decal LCScotland Decal LCSwiss Decal Jamboree pin And pocket calendar And here is the picture: Caption at will
  4. Soo Lame... sorry that happened!
  5. Mind-blown on so many levels - can't say thank you to everyone loud enough! The best of the best in this club!
  6. Nice! Back after 10 years? Great Have you been in-touch with any of the locals? Still a happening scene in NJ Area..right?
  7. this is a roll over so .. OK playing for a twin Targa buff a pocket calender 2 keychains 3 stickers PLUS an ON THE LAM Clutch Arm Tool And 1 legshieild banner 1 keychain 1 event decal Here is your picture - fire away!
  8. WHAT!!! now that's some exciting stuff! thanks man!
  9. Well it's your call Tom. Mike it shall be then.
  10. really? wow - I had no idea those run for that much.
  11. $300.. sounds ok if it was an LD definitely less, or regular old s1 - less.
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