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  1. k-dog

    EUrolambretta 2020

    NEVER! I assume you plan to go?
  2. do it!! always need content.... I hear its pretty wild over there.. I am sure that will be a great trip
  3. Lets shoot for DEC 1st
  4. Anyone have any stories, rally reviews, or content to submit for the upcoming magazine?
  5. I got a set of badges from Jet200 last year and more recently from Scooter Speed... both were excellent quality and the pins fit perfect. .
  6. Wow- I have never seen that before- just heard of it. Loosing studs like that could have ended badly! Glad your OK
  7. I just used my spring compressor - really is a great thing to own!
  8. Gene- are you willing to head north 2.5 hours?
  9. Playing for.. LCPoland LSB LCVPoland decal LCBelgium Decal El Siambretta Decal And pocket calendar You see the picture- Caption away!
  10. congrats - got one more to post is a few days
  11. Playing for.. LCBelgium LSB LCViet Nam decal LCBelgium Decal LCScotland Decal LCSwiss Decal Jamboree pin And pocket calendar And here is the picture: Caption at will
  12. Soo Lame... sorry that happened!
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