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  1. k-dog

    Best scooter city?

    Active and people etc.... FL may not be it- but for riding I dig Tennessee it has some nice curves in mountains and countryside areas. .
  2. k-dog

    WTB 2016 Duluth Jamboree Patch

    The special run of Paddy Smith made ones are gone... the round ones for the white bags are ( should be available ) I reached out to Matt
  3. k-dog


    I do
  4. k-dog


    sure do
  5. k-dog

    Li150 restoration near complete

    well done man!!!!
  6. k-dog

    57 LD 150

    looks great... that original plate is way cool
  7. k-dog

    FS - 1966 Lambretta Starstream

    That is a nice original scooter! Hope it makes its way to a nice home.
  8. k-dog

    Seattle summary from Texas

    Good write up - great to see you guys!
  9. k-dog

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    I had a great time- good to see you all!!!
  10. k-dog

    I'm looking for some info.

    Yeah never silly to ask a question- lots of smart folks out here with info.
  11. k-dog


    Anyone fancy some posters? I got 2 sets each with 6 different designs - I'd guess $16 a set would cover shipping printing.
  12. k-dog

    Lambro for sale

    😀 could be!
  13. k-dog

    5 foot decal free

    ok - its yours!
  14. k-dog

    Lambro for sale

    oh? thanks for the tip!