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  1. OK playing for a twin Targa buff a pocket calender 2 keychains 3 stickers here is the picture - caption away
  2. Aaron & Gary trinitylambretta@yahoo.com AND I know Darren Miles had some done. speedyscoot@yahoo.com Add to Contacts
  3. picking a winner in the next day or 2... come on..
  4. ScooterNova did a great story as well.. It's pretty wild what goes on! Like Mad Max
  5. Here is what your playing for: this snazzy 202 Calendar 2 LCBelgium decals, LCScotland decal, and LCswiss decal. And the picture - caption away!
  6. lambrettas are cooler I guess!!
  7. OK - I am gonna call it!! - PeteAK for the win
  8. Can I go to cheer everyone on?
  9. 1/2 is a s3 tube
  10. I had lost my phone.. But I may be able to get more if I can get my I-phone backed up
  11. Here is the picture: Here is what we have: a CLVietNam leggy banner 2 different stickers from Belgium and a wooden Keychain for EuroLam Poland And I am including this window film.. Good luck-Caption away!
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