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  1. Trouble shooting an electronic ignition system.....how do i get to this info?
  2. Yeah. I'm not sure how I missed this post last year...Welcome..now lets see some pics of your progress. Hopefully you are progressing much faster than I.
  3. what a fantastic pic!
  4. lammys in the springs 3 2017.pdf
  5. Wow! welcome to the club and thanks for sharing pics. Wonderful looking scoots
  6. Beautiful! Makes me want to take my LD on an adventure. Thanks for the great write up and pics the scenery was amazing.
  7. Beautiful! Looks like perfect weather also....sweet!
  8. Looks like a great time...thanks for the awesome pics! Good to see so many Lammys.
  9. and the update? Lammy won??
  10. Wow. Scoot looks nice! Not what I pictured from your first description.
  11. Hey Wokieneck! Its been almost a year now....how did you make out with your carb issues?? I'm in the market for an upgrade to modern carb and wondering how you made out.
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