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  1. Sweet. Message me with more details and we can work something out. Pretty sure gp and li150 were very close if not the same anyway.
  2. I'm aware this is probably going to be around 2k. By not expensive I'm more talking about the upper end casa stuff that would run into the 3k-4k range. just wondering more about kit/gear combos.
  3. Alright so I have a series 3 servetta that came with cases only. I'm trying to find a balance between reliable and go fast without spending a fortune. 12v ignition is my only real must have on my list. With the hills and no real reason to ever ride wot for a long period of time I'm more so looking for bottom end power. I Know this list could be endless but I've never built a set up from scratch so any opinions on set ups are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Welcome I'm just north of you in Chattanooga allways good to meet someone close by
  5. Joseph86

    56 ld resto

    Yes it was. I got it because the leg shield was in good shape however after closer inspection I realized the mk3s shields have subtle differences from mk2s.Normally this wouldn't bother me but I'm doing this bike 100% accurate
  6. Joseph86

    56 ld resto

    Well I got this donor parts bike. But I don't really need parts. I may get this engine running and leave the rest alone. Who knows I seem to be finding all kinds of rusty things lately http://imgur.com/S0v0iBM http://imgur.com/EIzB4ba
  7. Not sure if anyone here has the technical know how but you can load dvds onto Google Drive and share the file with a link if this is helpful. then no one has to mail anything
  8. ^this was going to be my recommendation but I would hate for him to warp the crank with the slip of a air hammer on the con rod
  9. Joseph86

    56 ld resto

    I still have them they are going back on after they are cleaned up
  10. Eric has some awesome stuff, i have pics documenting my LD build but I'm in no way a professional. If there is any interest i can start a thread with my progress so far and what I'm doing until I'm done
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