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  1. id like to continue my build thread, is there any way i can get access to this?
  2. Got all the body panels in primer over the weekend
  3. Engine has a Li150 box in it, i dont see it being a problem, my TS1 should be about 25 or so HP and may be just over 30 with NOS . So not massive HP by today's standards. My freind Kevins Drag scoot at the top of this page runs a standard LI150 box with nearly 50hp and its still going strong.
  4. Got a little more done over the weekend, forks are back together, and i done a bit more machining work on the disk brake the previous weekend.
  5. have managed to get a little done, but not as much as i would like, Cylinder shroud was done, then i discovered fan was to far away from the fan cover, so Ive modified that to close up the gap and will be getting the shroud modified to suit. stripped and detailed my PWK, plus modified it to fit my nitrous injector Forks were stripped again and new stainless brackets welded in the right place this time Also added the anti dive bracket as well. Discovered a small crack in one of the lower fork half's obviously from when they were formed, so that was fixed also. Forks are just about ready to put back together now after Ive finished remetal finishing them.
  6. Got my TS1 back for my Buddy Kevin, hes an awesome engine builder and drag races his GP down here in New Zealand, his best time so far is 13.4 @98 mph Next job on the list is to get the cylinder shroud modified to fit my center plug head.
  7. Hi Guys and girls Christmas new years break was mostly taken up doing stuff around our new house but i did get the disk into the forks, and started on the anti dive Ani dive bracket lived its former life as a shift rod on a VRod, but im chopping it up to fit on this and it was free!
  8. Thanks Matty, I live in Auckland, New Zealand.
  9. Jimmyb forks were PM tuning ones, damper mounts are higher than normal and unevenly welded on, combined with the BGM shocks being 10mm shorter than stock .
  10. Thanks Rudy forks are together, they are new stainless Scomodi unit with MB internals, forks were sent to the chrome platers and given a brushed finish to tone them down, MB bolts got speed dimples put in the ends. Titanium bolts for the shocks Unfortunately there problems started when i went to fit the shocks! Still working on fixing this as I'm going to have new stainless brackets made to replace the existing ones.
  11. More work done on the brake disk Still quite a bit of refinement to do but it is almost ready to bolt into the fork and start looking at making an anti dive setup for it.
  12. More machine work on my disk brake.
  13. Hi All, Ive been meaning to post this up for a while since i joined, anyway here are some photos of my build, its been ongoing for a number of years and ive actully built another scoot in between and moved house twice.
  14. Hi All i'm new here and just trying to get a feel for things, for years i used to follow the scoot.net page and check out the photos from the big events, but i see no on ever posts on there anymore, is it just because of the US economy? does no one go one THAT site any more (should i be checking out a different one?) or is the US scene just shrinking, your feedback and opinions please.
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