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  1. To my eyes the angle of the fork looks odd. no ?
  2. Thanks. I'll try some tire pressure adjustments. You know, honestly, it really ain't that bad. Maybe I'll try a different density foam from what I put in there last year to replace the thin ( worthless/painful) foam someone else had used.
  3. I have a Carbone shock on the rear of the TV200 . I weigh all of 145lbs and I find it way too stiff. I'd like something a bit smoother if possible. What do you say ? 'Casa 'stock' ?
  4. Yes and oriented correctly.
  5. I think I have asked this before, but is it the stock port timing that creates so much vibration in this motor ? I am learning to keep things towards the top of each gear. And of course , anything I did would be reversible.
  6. OK thanks. I was just wondering . I guess it is going about as well as it could right now in stock form and really, the gearing is actually quite nice for these roads with the long 2nd and 3rd.
  7. Now that I finally have this TV200 running like it should I wonder if going to a 24 carb would help its top end. It goes pretty darn well but just seems to sort of peter out at the top of 2nd and 3rd. I seriously don't think there is any more adjusting to do with what I have. I have a 24 on my 180 V and it's great.
  8. with the old head, the angle between the piston crown and the squish band was steep and the new one yielded almost parallel surfaces. I had this thing out on I 84 in Danbury today cruising in the middle lane passing cars. oh yeah.....now I gotta go out with the old Garmin. ....... and track down one rattle
  9. So I went for it and took the squish down to .116. World of difference in this bike since I did this. Around here it's like a three speed with overdrive, but with the added power it is almost perfect. Before, you were just kidding yourself if you put it in fourth.
  10. ps. I wonder if I would have gotten the same results if I had just pulled the gasket from under the original head.....or if I can shave the head another .5mm ? and please don't tell me i should have saved all that patina.
  11. Thanks. Finally runs as well as it looks . From this: ( other than major component blasting, all work by me)
  12. Just got home from a nice long ride and boy, what a difference. This bike finally has some power that was sorely missing and it is so much more fun to ride. I'll bet that a better pipe would be a nice addition as well.
  13. Update: got the new 200 head in and measured the volume: identical to the original. Checked the squish and it was still high so I eliminated the thin head gasket and dropped it to 1.5. Compression's up to around 110 ( cold). Bike feels quite a bit quicker and I'll just run it as is to see if the rings seat after a while. I am OK with it for now but might try another pipe in the spring. Now , if I can just track down and eliminate the annoying rattles from the vibrations of this machine. Thanks.
  14. Thank you for that. I just didn't want to pop onto yet another forum for a one-time request. Now. I have an older 6v 'battery booster" is there a way to check the amperage of the output and if it's high, can I somehow reduce that? Can I just put an ammeter in the circuit ? How high is too high , and could I just watch it till it bubbles or gets warn ? I just awoke this bike from a long slumber ( crusty carb, rusty tank, plugged exhaust) and that was my task. The battery is not really my problem so it's not too important..
  15. After all I put into this TV and the way and where i got it, I am keeping it. I don't necessarily want it faster, just as fast as it should be. I have always felt it was hindered somehow and 90 lbs compression is a starting point. It already has BGM electrics ( kept the old) and everything else works like new. I also have my V's : the 180 and the little smallframe 135 rocket.
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