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  1. You mixed the oil in right?...RIGHT?!
  2. Bought some Indian Electronic Ignition kits. "Large Cone type"... and when they showed up they were LI "Small Cone" type. OK, I was always told that the GP Crankshaft is a "Large Cone" type. Am I wrong? This is what SIP has to say on the subject in their descriptions. (Not who I ordered from.) "the cone for the Lambretta is only available in two versions which can be swapped with each other. The larger cone (measured directly after the oil seal seat) was originally only in the engine of the DL/GP, the smaller cone on all the other models tapers directly after the oil seal seat to 21mm. Under high pressure and/or a high numbers of revs, however, enormous forces impact on the entire cone, which the small point of the 21mm cone is not always able to reliably withstand. As a rule, the following applies here: the thicker the cone, the more stable and/or more suitable for tuning purposes. " The GP/DL Cranks are definitely larger in Diameter and a longer taper. The LI/SX/TV Cranks are slimmer with a very short cone . So which is the "Large Cone"? Thanks for your helpful replies in advance.
  3. OK, as the title says... ... Which Cylinder / head kit is best setup for TOURING? Needs to be able to best meet the following: What I want.. - 70 MPH cruising (two up) - Reliable - will last more than two seasons of riding What I have to use... - JL KRP3 Pipe - (OKO)PWK 24mm Carb - JET 200 Motor Just brain storming for another 200cc build. Appreciate any input regarding choice of Cylinders/heads. Kyle
  4. OK, I've seen a bunch of Rallymaster Clones on the interwebs and some are different from the others. So, for all of you Anoraks out there... ...What were the specific type and manufacturer of the following on the Rallymaster (As Original). 1. Speedometer. 2. Tachometer and Cable/interface. 3. Seat with flat pan. 4. Spot light. I'm trying to gather materials to build a Clone. Thanks Kyle
  5. Member since we were the LCA (Pre-2003). Club Name changed 13 May 2003.

  6. http://www.americanscootercenter.com/ At least they were fixing / selling scooters and parts when I was last there. Bought my last two JL KRP3's through them. Kyle
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