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  1. Keep your rear ends from walkin too.Same as Jim said.Strip of ply wood with a 2x2 cleat on each side of tyre's.
  2. Not sure what to look for with meter or where to set it,but if one lets more power to lights the meter will show it.Maybe Jet can tell you the values to look for.Or someone with better electric knowledge than me.I do know if you probe in the wrong setting certain components could be FRYED.
  3. Can't you check it with a multi meter to see how much spinage(volts/ohms) it has?
  4. I like the material on the sides of the seat at jet.Looks grippy.
  5. I wondered which ones I lost,bought 6 went home with 5.Finally the mystery is over :-) I thought this was a tattoo thread.lol Oh you found 2, must been someone else? I'm waiting to see upjettr's tat!
  6. Dude the parts were cheaper than the Girl Scout cookies !
  7. Do not use canyon dancers,you've just been luck.They still hook on grips which has been proven to break the head set.Thats why peeps are taking the time to tell all to choke under the head set.. Using a loop instead of an open hook is better also but not all situations.See image. http://s17.postimg.org/z1b328tn3/image.jpg
  8. http://s30.postimg.org/u73unoyj5/image.jpg I built this and works great on long trips.For short trips I only used the wheel chalk and tied each side in front/ middle of truck bed.It doesn't take long for the rear end to shift out of center.45 minutes?Keeping rear centered is key. When I use it on a wood floor I screw it down.The 4 vertical 2x4's have a U bolt ,hard to see it by the strap,on floor D ring for tie downs.I don't use the strap hook,I use a chain link that closes.Seen a few hogs laying down because the strap hook unhooked.
  9. Yep,at the swap meet.Hey I rode by that place again!
  10. The last 12 hours would have been better had I seen the SX posted at 8:44am! I'd buy that in a heart beat!
  11. Women stole from men (1962) That one has a whole show room of Lammys!
  12. There's a guy with 60,60-70's bikes with Hagerty.He pays 1k a year.Poor guy is only allowed to ride 200 miles each,each year.lol That's 12,000 miles a year at a very fair price.
  13. It needs this,Bahahaha http://www.craigvetter.com/pages/470MPG/high%20mileage%20fairing.html
  14. Yah when the radio stops I think of Hendrix ,screaming TIME,over and over.Then almost out radio plays ,see light and out.Then I aim my thumbs up.haha. I'm glad I don't commute through them suckers. Any how ,glad you guys doing good.
  15. You certainly write in haste.I thought you had a seize motor using 2% on your jet?In thinking that Thought you'd shed light for a fellow Lammy owner.That you riding on big hills in Cali ( much harder on motor) had upped from 2% from experience. Riding through the Hampton tunnel kinda freaks me out.Ever do that Jim?
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