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  1. What are your jetting specs if you don't mind
  2. I'm interested, ..what do you want for it? ...
  3. I'm taking off my lectron, ..I'm looking for replacement suggestions, ..lectron is fine,..maybe a little big,..I'm mostly looking for a little more low end and something that will fit under the side panel, ..Thanks
  4. kcb0264


    I'm planning a trip up the coast, ..would like to see Oregon coastal area,..except for the lammy jammy in Portland I have little Oregon experience, ..can you advise places along the coast to visit, ..Thanks brothers and sisters
  5. Al welded my AF RB20 crank, he did a great job, Thanks again Al!
  6. Someone buy the last one, I have one and they are beautiful!
  7. I work for a lighting company, we do lots of LED conversions,..that being said im working on a lLambretta LED headlight,..I will keep you all posted.
  8. I guess I got a deal on my lectron,...Thanks Craig B !!!!!
  9. I love my lectron...
  10. Ok this is going to sound crazy,..I have a series 3, rb20 with nk road pipie, I have had this exhaust on this scoot for almost 3 years, On first installation perfect fit,...I had a piston failure, removed cylinder,..upon installation of exhaust it doesnt fit right,..nothing has changed as far as scoot goes,..it wont line up with the rear bracket,..the pipe hits on the floor board rear support frame bracket,..exhaust isnt bend or damaged in any way,..WTF is up?....Im no newbie,..ive been into Lambrettas since the early 1980"s,...any suggestions,..Thanks
  11. Im in Sacramento...Thanks
  12. My AF Rayspeed RB 20 crank bit the dust,..any suggestions for a good rebuilder? Thanks..
  13. Does anyone have the installation manual I could borrow?..I recently got married and moved and cant find mine..Thanks
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