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  1. I'm not heading out, even though I'd really love to! If it comes back north a bit next year, I'm in! Bring it to Boston!! Good luck!!
  2. Cool! Have fun! I wish that wasn't the same weekend as NSP! Will be waiting for pics!
  3. That is true....BUT you are changing your point of measure on the piston as it approaches tdc. It's sliding down the dome (slightly, but still is nonetheless). Not sure, but that could have an adverse effect on the detection of tdc. As a piston stop, should be great! I have a feeling this is a simple geometrical exercise for one with a math degree. Ha! If nothing else, I would think the you would find a larger "dwell" period at tdc due to the slide down the dome. And/or will alter the sine curve (is it sine or tangent?) at its peak, making odd gauge movement, but not necessarily wrong.
  4. Darren- All those indian piston rings come with way too little ring gap. I've had to file down every one I've done...including that one! haha. So the gap started out good. I always shoot for 0.010" as well. The clearance is definitely too much. I recommend going to a straight oversize right out of the box....but, if it's within 6 thou I will offer the option of keeping the standard piston. Anything over 0.0035" always comes with a warning that top end life will be shortened. Anything over 6 thou, and I'll be very stubborn on going to an oversize. I always use 0.003"-0.0035" unless otherwise directed. Every indian aluminum barrel I've seen has had a badly tapered bore. I can straighten them, but the widest point always wears a bit with it, so if it comes out of the box at 0.0045" down at the spigot, it's gonna be at least 5 thou til I can straighten the whole bore. ALWAYS check the bores of those indian kits! Grumpy- Do you have one of the actual SR barrels?...Meaning, an earlier version? I do believe the quality has dropped quite a bit til now. I just bought one, and it's terrible. Showed up broken, tapered, badly cast, poor aluminum/foam stuff composite. I doubt any of the stud holes will actually hold for any length of time. Worse than Jimmy's was when I did that one.
  5. The good news about the blow up, is that now we can see how tough the liners on those alloy barrels really are. Any idea how many miles you covered on it? I'll check back in my records, but I think you ended up starting at about 0.005" piston clearance. I'll check the clearance when I get it, divide the difference into the approximate miles you've covered, and we'll get a rough idea on how many miles you can expect out of em. The liner honed quite quickly, implying that it's soft...therefore, perhaps not lasting terribly long. I'm interested in knowing! I'll start the barrel as soon as I get it, hopefully send it out the next day, so you're downtime should be minimal. Definitely play around with the 125 though. With the old style piston, intake and exhaust can go out to 62-65% of the bore, exhaust at 160 deg, intake 140 deg. That's generally a conservative, but safe place to start. The 125 transfers are super small, which is a big hold up. OR, convert it to 165cc kawasaki piston, reed valve, tons of boost ports, 24mm carb, and an expansion chamber!...that's just where I would go with it. haha
  6. Yeah, sorry bout that. I started a new topic for the results and follow up. I thought it would be easier to find. Perhaps not...apologies. I can never find anything once a topic get over 3 pages! haha
  7. Yeah, she was. Sorry, forgot to add that part. She did great! And that means the corsette will be closer to us next year!
  8. I thought I'd start a new topic for the follow up, just so it's easier to find than mixed in the comments (not sure if anyone else has problems finding stuff sometimes..but i do! ha) The Corsette started thursday morning and ran until friday afternoon. From Columbus, OH out in a big 310 mile circle back into the city. I ran as a backup truck for the race, and...well, we had lots of problems and breakdowns....but the Cento wasn't one of em! It remained trouble free for heather, which was a good thing because I got stuck in the back (with all the J range parts in my truck!) working on V3$p@s....or rather, watching other people work on V3$p@s. I don't think anyone really expected Cento to make the whole race, yet alone do well. Early on, one of the breakdowns informed me that she passed heather at a stop sign and hadn't seen her since, leading me to believe she wasn't doing well at all! What she didn't know was that during a brief wrong turn, heather made it past and was actually in front. We both used "Itrack" on our phones, so I could see her on a map to get to her quicker if needed. The phone kept dropping pins in the direction of the race, sometimes 40 miles ahead of me, so I could see she was still moving. Both her (in second place) and the leader actually got to the cabin (the thursday night rest area) before the time keepers showed up. They didn't think anyone would get there that quick. Heather ended day 1 only 13 mins behind lead (and she stopped to help two people). I did do a bit of tightening up loose ends friday morning, including changing a slightly tight inner throttle "just to be safe". Day 2 was mainly two types of roads: ridiculously steep curving hills and long straight 55mph roads. Both of which are weak points for the cento. She could cruise at 50mph, but being the only 3 speed entered in the race, there was a definite disadvantage on those hills! And while she was doing 50 on the flat, the leader was doing 65. In the end she finished 2nd place about 45 mins behind (both days combined). 3rd and 4th places came in between 2-4 hours after her. I'd say that's a hell of a good job! And the wheels are already turning on how to get the extra 10mph on the top needed for next year! Of the 8 that started, 6 rode in, but two were disqualified from day 1, so there were only 4 contenders. The other 2 were terminal breakdowns. All in all, the whole event exceeded my expectations! We both had a blast and would definitely encourage any girl riders that may be interested to give it a shot next year! It was a great mix of comradery and competitiveness.Even as support (there were 5 of us), we all had fun and got to roam around a bit, as we didn't follow the racers directly. Everyone was friendly and courteous. It was a great time, got to meet a lot of great people, and the cento did well! Thanks for the support! (sorry I wasn't able to get any race pictures. There were broke ass V3$p@s in my way!) The starting line up: The final four contenders starting day 2: The top 3 places:
  9. I will be taking pics (along with many others), and I will give a follow up....unless we break down early...then I'll delete this thread and pretend it never happened.
  10. So...The corsette is this next week. We've entered the first lambretta ever to race it. Thought I'd show you all what we're working with. Sporting the LCUSA sticker on the front too (K-dog..this is gotta be worth some kind of supporter points, yeah? haha). For those who don't know, the corsa and corsette are both two day, vintage only, endurance road races. The corsa is approx. 600 miles for "large frame" bikes but open to either, while the corsette is approx. 300 miles, but small frame only. Geared towards girl racers. It's a timed event, with some 90+ turns, designed to test the bike, the riders' riding ability, and the riders navigational abilities....As it's small frame only, well, we're stuck with J's and Vegas only. To give the unlikely lamby a bit of a boost, I've personally (Sole Power Scooters is my business. Lambretta only) bored and ported the barrel to use a Yamaha TZR 125 piston, with head reprofiled to suit. The crank was trued and welded (crank twisting is a known problem with the early J's! Weld em if you got em!), and a 22mm Jetex. 3.50x10 tires on it, S83's will fit, giving us an extra 3.6 mph. I had built a custom expansion chamber for it, but it left too much of a gap between 2nd and 3rd gears. This lead to 25-35mph actually being slower than a stock pipe, although 45-55+mph being considerably faster. Due to the nature of the race, and lack of time to sufficiently develop an LTH reed valve tune, I decided it was best to use the stock pipe. Low end grunt and fuel economy are quite important for this type of event! We had a speedometer failure 3 days ago, and Speedo King came to our rescue! Not yet arrived (or installed) in the picture! Anyway, we'll be representing Innocenti and Lambretta at the event. I'll be supporting my girlfriend, Heather, as the rider....and praying the old Cento holds up!! We're headed to Ohio and Scoot-a-Que rally on Wed morning. We've taken every precaution we can, that we have control of....Now we've got our fingers crossed, we're focused...and could probably use a bit of luck and prayer! haha! Viva Lambretta!!
  11. In the last 2 weeks, I've just revamped my entire porting tool setup. I've also got 3 frame candidates for race bikes. Long been talked about, I think I've got some tricks I'd like to test out on the track. If there's anybody else interested in a lambretta race group (team?), count me in. I think I'm sticking with nsp this year, but if the dates were different I'd definitely be checking this event out!
  12. Very happy it all worked out! I have a lot of people at both I'd like to go out of my way to support! If there's two things I do next summer, it'll be both of these! Ride on!
  13. yeah, that's the one! I think I even tried that picture too! Musta done something wrong. Thanks!
  14. Many people don't use them and many say about starvation issues. I use this filter on two of my bikes and they both still flow over a pint a minute through it. One uses a pwk and one uses a mikuni. Both were having pilot jet clogging issues (very fine sediment would get past the tap screen and slowly build up in the float bowl), and neither have a filter in the carb itself. This year we ran 230 miles on straight highway using full tanks of gas at a time, and never a hiccup as we switched to reserve and ran as low as possible (dangerously low a few times). This is a rather large paper element filter. And it's apparently designed for gravity flow. Many other filters are designed with fuel pumps in mind, perhaps that's part of the problem? Not sure. I can tell you I've never had a problem using these. Cheap, easy to replace, carry a spare, no worries. WIX # 33002 Doh! The forum won't let me post any of the pics from google. You'll have to google image it yourselves if you wanna see it, sorry.
  15. Yup yup, always adding something to the shop, on an almost weekly basis at this point it seems! Not sure you would even recognize the place these days jtoks. If it's lambretta related, I do it or plan on doing it.....except restorations and restoration parts. I don't make em look pretty, just make em go! There's enough guys in the states that do that stuff very well already! Don't need me jumping in there too! And the officially registered LLC and taxable corporation name is "Sole Power Scooters". Haven't changed the website yet. Minor snafu with lambretta engineering as an LLC. Apparently in PA, due to a court ruling, you need to be an officially licensed geologist or land surveyor, and get permission from the PA board of engineers, to use the word Engineering in your title. I'll still be keeping the website domain though.
  16. The old tuning manual says to thread the head holes so it can be mounted on a lathe. I believe they do this during production so a machinist doesn't have to....oddly enough, MB doesn't hold heads in a lathe that way (well, from the 1 picture i've seen anyway) and I actually don't either. An educated guess on the short fins- the same reason (one of the reasons) for the offset squish. During running, the exhaust side of the piston gets very hot, while the intake side is constantly hit with much cooler air for the atmosphere (imagine riding in 40 degree weather!), which causes what must be quite a bit of distortion to piston expansion. By removing those two fins, or moving the combustion area towards the cooler intake side, you'll increase the normal operating temperature of the intake side, thereby reducing distortion.....since a reduction in exhaust side temperature is not possible, or at least extremely difficult.
  17. Not sure if that's the barrel that I did for you or not, I don't normally touch the transfers for mild "standard" 186 tunes with smaller carbs, as they flow well enough as they are. That being said, there's certainly quite a bit you can do to those to improve flow (as your later picture shows). I grabbed two pics from MB to show someone else's previous work and then his finished flow work. The rapidos (225 anyway) have that inner wall of the transfers cut way down below the base gasket surface (into the barrel), presumably to shorten the path for airflow. Not sure why the piston skirt and barrel spigot never match up perfectly, but I would assume if there were great gains to be had you'd see this corrected on many tuned barrels. Most modern two strokes have the rolled ports like that with knife blade edges.
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