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  1. Vader19

    TS1 225 reeds

    I think you're right Mike... but I'm not sure what "modifications" they did to this standard looking RD cage... ? it's says it's "ready milled down"... maybe just a little material around the body of the cage needs a little help.. http://www.bgm-tuning.com/shop/reed-valve-bgm-pro-rd350-type-modified-for-lambretta-ts1-grp-petals/ or it could just be the 4 little cut-outs in the top of the cage... http://www.scooter-center.com/en/product/BGM2550A/Reed+valve+BGM+PRO+RD350+type+modified+for+Lambretta+TS1+GRP+petals?meta=
  2. I've never tired one on a Lambretta.. don't even know how or if it would work (I've only built the one)... but despite what anyone says... it really handled well.. (at least on this Ve-spa).. it "pushed" into corners and was a pleasure to ride.. AND... I really liked the look.. ... the only drawback (if my memory serves me correctly) is that I had to cut the swing-arm and move the motor over 10mm.... and by the time that's done, it'd be a bitch to un-do... so it's a commitment for sure.. Again, I'm only speaking from my wide tire experience w/ a Ve-spa.. ... the next time however... I change tires on my Jet200 skelly.. I'll definitely be putting on 100/90-10's... with or w/o a wide rim is TBD... But I've always like the feel of a wider tire, and really liked the look.. Post pics when you're done.. I'd love to see your bike.
  3. 505's? aren't those zipper fly?
  4. I've had nothing but good experiences dealing directly with Karen as well.. and damn quick delivery...
  5. Yeee Haw! I'd have to pass on those... I'll save my monies for one of those new casa cases... less bling, more bang!
  6. 100/90-10 is the widest..and will fit fine on a standard SIP 2.1 tubeless rim.. but if you go w/ a 100/80-10 in the rear, it'll change your gear ratio.. I'd either go w/ a 3.5X10 or a 100/90-10 (give you a bit more width and will fit the 2.1 rim)... 2Tony.. .if you were to use the wider rim w/ the 100/90-10 it's just going to straighten up the sidewall.. and it won't be as "bubbly" (for lack of a better term).. the sidewall will just be flatter / straighter up/down if that makes sense.. I'd have to ask Diego, but a 130 rear tire would require I wide tire rim and may require some grinding and moving parts... (just speaking from Ve-spa experience where running a 130/70-10 requires cutting the swing arm of the engine, moving it over to the right side of the bike 10mm (the engine side) and using a 10mm spacer to fill the gap on the left side of the swingarm... Jockye's make a very nice insert for this purpose.. but again this is Ve-spa talk.. but I'd ASSUME (I hope I don't make an arese of myself).. but I'd THINK that a tire that wide (130) would require some modifications on a Lambretta... I'd ask Diego if he's done it.. I've done it, but only on a Ve-spa... :/ This is a 130/70-10 and the engine BARELY fit against the engine side cowl..
  7. The quote function isn't working properly.. that quote is actually 2Tony's.... but yes.. 2Tony... the 100/90 means that the sidewall is 90% of the width of the tire... a 100/80 (which you should consider as a front tire with a 100/90 in the rear) would mean that the sidewall is 80% of the 100mm width.. it's still a wider tire but just with a small diameter... lower front end not only looks good but feels really good on the road.. (sorry if this has been covered....) a 100/90-10 is wider than a 3.5X10... and a 100/80-10 is wider than a 3.5X10.. only it's smaller diameter... small and wide.. looks great as a front tire... at least on a Ve-spa... I'm not sure I've seen anyone run a 100/80-10 with a standard Lambretta front fender.. may look strange.. but with a "hugger" it'd look cool and lower you front end.. just enough to give you a more "aggressive" look and in my O. a better feel on the road.. especially pushing into corners on the twisty roads in the canyons.. My 2c
  8. Vader19

    caption contest

  9. I think a 170 Keihin is much closer to a 310-330 Mikuni main jet.
  10. 1/4" Goodyear line is my favorite... buy a roll and you'll have great fuel line until the cows come home. Fit's snugly on intakes and fuel taps...\ http://www.ebay.com/itm/RUBBER-OIL-FUEL-HOSE-1-4-INCH-/252323893199?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
  11. Mike from Steel Dragon made a velocity stack for my Jett.. they come with a fine brass screen in the end closest to the carb.. he'll do any length you want.. just supply him w/ the dimensions of the carb mouth.. Very nice to deal with and great work. http://www.steeldragonperformance.com/products_2.html
  12. Vader19

    RB25 reeds

    I'm interested as well Harley (I should have ordered a set of petals last time I ordered from them... ... anyway, I've just sent an e to AFRayspeed asking if there's a suitable replacement (ie: off another bike etc.) that could be found here in the US.. I'll let you know what I find out..
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