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  1. ANyone have hands on experience with these stateside? right now with the exchange rate these are under $600 ...looking very tempting!
  2. While filming the latest Housemartin's video, Norman Cook takes a joyride on a custom moped. Film at 10.
  3. if only it were so affordable here in California...scoots that I have had for 20 years are now $125+ per year.....
  4. As Mike said, I follow a lot of their stuff on instagram...I love it because I feel the true DIY spirit of scootering instead of the high baller checkbook stuff you see in Scootering Magazine.
  5. Kara Snow or Kristian could really help with this...they have dealt with it a lot. They connected me to producers who were shooting a Talenti Gelato commercial who "rented"my s2 for a couple days. I honestly don't remember what I got paid, but I want to say it was around $250 per day. Kara did advise me to make sure they insured my scoot specifically, and there are other stipulations you can insist on, like "no riding - static display" etc.
  6. Sammy couldn't get that Jeepney he was eyeing, but the salesman told him this was just as good. At least his mom was impressed!
  7. Josh Snow

    Good Omens

    Anyone watch this yet? my wife shouted "Lambretta!" and scared me ( I wasn't looking at the TV)... at 1:05 in the video....and, after 3 episodes it's a pretty good show too!
  8. that looks pretty cool....who's going to pull the trigger and do it??
  9. not a problem whatsoever if you have titles...in some areas you can even use AAA instead of the DMV
  10. would hardwere (ie. fork link bolts) be painted over from factory?
  11. With regard to the stock gearing, I'm concerned the BGM exhaust is too revvy to pull 4th ...Rick wants to ride 2 up a bunch ...thoughts? the kit is the 225 Mugello, not sure what the port timings are like.
  12. Hey gang getting ready to button up a tv200 engine...we're putting a Mugello kit on it with a 28mm dellorto and a BGM/MB box pipe... nothing too crazy but looking to get some usable rallying power. Looking at the gearbox, the TV200 is really tall...4.45:1...ideally I want to be around 4.8:1 (thanks Mike for the info)...so using one of the online calculators it looks like if I go to a 47 tooth crown wheel and a 14 tooth front sprocket I will be right there at 4.87:1 first of all, are there any concerns about using this combination of crown wheel and sprocket? do I need a specific chain or is the original chain ok? Would I need a pull down type tensioner? Are there any other performance/use concerns I should be aware of? Lastly, does anyone stateside have a 14 tooth front sprocket? (I looked at the usual shop sites..nothing I can find) thanks in advance!
  13. hmm...doesn't seem like it would be too hard to knock one up out of an old rim and some angle iron....let me know if you strike out, I might have to make one.
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