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  1. Sorry, guys, that post above is me - used an old login by mistake.
  2. Hi Mike, a production manager reached out directly via the facebooks. It was one day, craft services, and some cash. Pretty fun day, all in all. Any other info I gather, I'll share it here.
  3. Hi All: Because of other commitments (bummed), I just (04/01/2016 @ 4:30PM est) cancelled my Lammy Jammy 2016 reservation at Voyager Inn (800-258-3911) for a king-size room. Somebody grab it!
  4. Wes, the bike looks great! I might be up for a ride on Sat. Here's a destination idea: http://www.italiancardayatlanta.com/ Floyd Grimm of V-Marietta has offered some bling at his booth for all who ride in on Italian.
  5. My prize arrived in the mail today - Thx LCUSA
  6. I'm in like Flynn. Going to make the reservation forthwith. PS, thx for the email Melanie, I'd missed this post somehow!
  7. Booked, and Heather the desk clerk indicated I may have reserved the last room.
  8. I purchase the star-tron at Tractor Supply - sometimes, it can be found at Lowes, HD and Wal-mart as well. Congrats on the AV win!
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