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  1. ...and to follow up with you (sorry, late to the party for many a reason) but you are describing exactly the same issue I was having and sure enough, reed/s were toast. Trying to get the time this weekend or in the evenings this week to install and try out the cabon fiber replacement ones from AFR. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. I'm late to this party as well, but I can tell you I had the almost exact same issue. Narrowed it down to the stator and/or found out I had eaten a reed. I've got the AF reeds and a spare carbon fiber they had available. I'll try that first (assembling this week in the evenings) and let you know the results.
  3. Riding it/breaking it in to Vegas?
  4. Nah, you had them listed for $500, but you were talking about P200 cases for $200 and that's a decent price. Who are you calling Shirley?
  5. Damn, I never saw the add but I would've bought them. Feel free to hit me up next time you have any engine stuff for that brand. Most Lambretta owners who also ride other italian models will pay what you ask, no questions, IMHO.
  6. There's always the Harley 'T@pper' ... but you may need to adjust your schedule/attitude/expectations....
  7. Harley


    poor thing, she probably has nothing to do with any of this...
  8. Harley


    Was his wife cute? ...just asking...
  9. 4x10" works on my Ser.1 w/out rubbing, but, I wouldn't be launching myself over and speed bumps if I were you.
  10. Harley

    caption contest

    ^From Toronto? That's quite a trip!!!^
  11. Harley

    caption contest

    Tandem surfing legends, Chuck Inman & Tiffany Rabacal, drop their board for the comfort and style of two-stroke power!
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