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  1. Ugh. If they weren't so fun I'd throw it off a cliff. All cables and electric connected. Only brake light and horn work. Battled the carb all day. From 170 to 270 mains and two different needles. Won't rev over 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. Advised to swap cdi if not new. Been sucking exhaust all day. Done till friday.
  2. Post the results! Othere can use the help!
  3. Unless someone has the same set up as you here, look for an Imola set up. Should get you close
  4. It's great you found a solution. That's a lot of work to make a $400 clutch work that is advertised as plug and play. No disrespect to you, but the manufacturer should be ashamed.
  5. https://www.scooterotica.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=14
  6. Dont know if it can be done and never heard of anyone doing it but It would be advisable to balance it afterwords. Let us know how it goes
  7. I tried the kytronic before and didn't have much luck with it. The curves I chose didn't match very well with my riding style. I read more about others and what curve they chose so we'll see. I just want it to go from 23/24 degrees to 16 sooner than later in the rpm range. Was going to try curve 2. I think I tried 7 before and a few others? It was a year ago and I didn't put much time into it. What is your timing set to and what curve did you choose?
  8. So I made some headway on this project. Adam was talking about some invitational track days, so this was the bike I was going to run. Track days fell thru (for now) but there are some open 1/8 mile drag days, so this bike will be working double duty. First race is may 6th so I have a busy weekend planned. It is 17/47, 6 plate, a.f.rayspeed close ratio, a.f. lightened flywheel, rt195, lth reedvalve, 60/107 crank, jl race, 28mm mikuni (will change to tmx 30mm when time allows), GRP bodywork. Going g to try the kytronic again... More pictures Tuesday.
  9. http://www.scooterhelp.com/tuning/lam.gear.calc.html I like this calc. Easy to use. K.I.S.S. If using indian gp200 gearing it would give to 2mph more in 4th gear at 6000rpm. So instead of 58mph, you get 60mph at 6000rpm. There is only a 1mph difference in 1st, 2nd and 3rd at 6000rpm. It might be a little harder on your clutch when pulling out. Cant say for sure if you can take the slack out of the chain with the adjuster. Someone you know must have a short chain just in case? Go for it. There's hardly a difference (on paper).
  10. Looks good. My question is safe/ common is this type of repair? As I understand it, depending on how the damage happened, damage like that is a symptom of a worn locating slot on on the drum brake? Maybe I'm misremembering?
  11. Technically, when putting gp ball style fork links in ser.2 forks, all you should have to change are the fork rods to gp ball style. But for upgrade and safety you might as well replace the springs with progressive wound, all rubber buffers and if the link assemblies are used they might need rebuilt as well if there is side play. If you use tv/sx style links, you can use the same fork rods
  12. Works for me, thanks. I understand the club having to try social media presence to attract new members, but I would like to not be excluded from club info/events because it is no longer on the main club site with no way to access that info unless I am a member of something I don't want to join.
  13. This topic was hit on before. Last I understood the LCUSA presence on Facebook was to be minimal to encourage new members and not have content that was exclusive to Facebook. I see a new LCUSA classified group and the new members raffle is exclusive to Facebook. Not sure what other Facebook exclusive sections there may or may not be? So my question is, why? When I can't access information and other club percs unless I'm a Facebook member, I'll be done. Not cool. I won't be forced to join Facebook to continue membership in a club I've been a member of since the start. I may be missing something, such as the raffle does have a section in the forum and the new classifieds is a repeat of what's on the website and I just can't find it in the forum section? Do we get to see the picture David Carmona entered to win?
  14. I can't stand flippers and hacks. Buying anything low, clean the carb out and sell way to high. Could be a lambretta or a rusty unicycle. Kills the hobby for those with genuine interest. Inflates the prices to unrealistic amounts which hurts everyone.
  15. Yeah, looks like the ss200 is a straight forward build and at this point less expensive. The quattrini looks like welding is needed, an altered rb exhaust, a longstroke crank with a 116 rod. Add all that up and I suspect the hp and reliability are very similar. I just really like that quattrini and am very curious about it.
  16. That's what I thought! I wonder how it compares to the Casa ss small block kit?
  17. Saw this and thought it was pretty cool. https://www.scooterlab.uk/max-quattrinis-new-lambretta-smallblock-210-kit-news/ Looks like its a little over $800 from SCK and $700 from S.I.P. 58/116 crank : $232/348/$435 (depends on quality) LTH Modified case: $754 R.L.C. Exhaust: $425 chiselspeed http://www.scooter-center.com/en/product/3332618/Cylinder+kit+QUATTRINI+M210+68mm+H58mm+210+cc+Lambretta+LI+125+150+LIS+125+150+SX+150+DL+125+150+GP+125+150?meta=3332618*scd_ALL_en*s2797751706496*Quattrini lambretta *1*1*1*16 https://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/touch/Details.aspx?ProductNumber=15040210
  18. I have one installed on one of my bikes. I like it. It comes with clips that some how attach to the legsheild. I just drilled 4 holes behind the horncast (top and bottom) and bought longer screws. I used some trimloc around the edge that is against the legsheild so the inconsistant fit is not seen. You can also use p200 side cowl trim. Plenty of leg room for me. I don't sit on my scoot like it's a bar stool. I'll post pictures Friday. Not home till then.
  19. Any stories on how people in the dirty city deal with it? I am reading responses and sure, everyone has a different response to people messing with their property. I respect your opinions. Its your choice.I have no patience for it. None. I feel it is outright disrespect. It is not a toy. I worked hard on it. I was raised to respect others property and they will respect yours. I'm sure they didn't comprehend that it was wrong to do if they weren't vandalizing or stealing it. That is BS. If it was a lamborghini or a harley I seriously doubt you'd find people in the car or on the bike and if you did, they would probably expect a beating. Why should anyone including the owner of the scoot feel any different? All they would have had to do was ask, and I'd be happy with them sitting on it. Also, the event is over, nothing damaged and no one hurt. Not trying to whine about it or beat a dead horse , just needed to vent and hear some funny stories of similar events.
  20. 1964 Li 125 - rt195, 60mm stroke crank, reedvalve, lightened flywheel, 30mm keihin, rayspeed close ratio gearbox, 5plate clutch Was building for Solerunner1's race invitational. Now it's going to be just one more for the stable... Want that fiberglass bodywork for it
  21. What the hell. I tried to get Chris at GRP to sell me parts. He seems to always be busy.... Been waiting for 4 to 6 months.... Awesome build. Love it Wtf GRP?! http://www.grpscooterparts.co.uk
  22. So just 30 minutes ago I had to tell people to get the f*ck off my bike. The asshole was sitting on it like he owned it taking pictures with his friends. I asked for the keys to his car . He looked perplexed I said if he felt he had the right to sit on my property without permission I'm sure he wouldn't mind me doing the same to his (using explitives). They argued with me about it and also said I didn't have to be mean about it. WTF! In all honesty I just want to run up and tackle them and then after beating them explain how I thought they were stealing it. Finished venting . Anyone else have some good stories?
  23. To be a little more clear, I would consider cleaning it up (wash all parts) buff it out with wizards, then just oil it consistently with acf50. Lots of elbow grease, not a lot of $, looks fantastic
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