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  1. Nope, not the ground by the tail light. Still nothing. It's a bgm (go figure) l.e.d. tail brake light 12 volt assembly
  2. On the 20th and 21st of October there is an informal vintage scooter race It's at Lafayette Motorsport Park. 4930 US Highway 20, Lafayette, New York 13084, United States. It's a tight track. Show up and run it! Or cheer them on! Contact Adam B. https://members.lambrettaclubusa.net/profile/51-solerunner1/ https://lafayettemp.com
  3. I have a casa lambretta ser.3 LI handlebar switch. The wire colors are red, blue, yellow, green, black, grey, brown, long brown and long white. My question is what is the grey for? Not the long white. The grey wire. I have the grey plugged in the brown. The picture was taken from the scooter speed website. My problem is everything in the headset works as it should. There is power to the back of the bike to tail and brake light. Checked with multimeter. But neither tail or brake light works. Maybe a ground issue?
  4. Yes, air leak. Do everything others mentioned first.
  5. After doing what has been suggested, I would also check what plug is in it, what your timing is set at at. Check it yourself, don't take someone else's word for it. Also, are you sure it's a mikuni 30mm? A flat slide tmx or is it a 28tm? There is no 30 tm. A 30 tmx can be very tricky. The needles, power jet and needle jet can only be ordered from europe. They do not stock them in the states. At least I have not been able to find the 622 series, or power jets here. If it is a 30 tmx, I would suggest getting an easier carb to tune. If you have checked your timing and it's 18 degrees or less and you have at least an ngk b8es and are committed to using the 30 tmx, I would increase your main considerably. If it's at 220, I'd jump to a 240 and increase till it runs rich and back off from there. Hell of a hobby. Did the engine have the symptoms you described since you started riding it or did it steadily get worse? Did you make sure there's oil in the case?
  6. I love it. Looks great. It should solve the problem of the rear brake cable being just a little to short when using different manifolds, such as the ones available for RB's.
  7. Site problem fixed. Had to be looked into by admin. Thanks!
  8. I HATE a lot of BGM junk. Really glad you found the answer and posted the solution. It's bs the shop that sold it to me wanted me to send it to them on my dime so they could "check it out". Loop hole jumping. Shops, just back up brand new $400 items...
  9. Says I'm signed in. Signed out. Tried to sign in again. Denied access. Changed my password. Signed in. Says there was an error but when I go to the control panel, it says I'm signed in. Tried to get to the members area and it said the same as before : emailed k-dog Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 1F176/3
  10. I wrote club management about this issue a week ago and have received no reply or problem resolution. My dues are up to date, I have been a member for years, I am signed in to my account. I cannot access the LCUSA Members area. What is going on? That does not include the fact that I can see the LCUSA Facebook Classifieds, but I can't respond or sell. Kind of worthless as a LCUSA member considering there are a majority of items f/s not listed on our site. Not at all what I paid my dues for. Please resolve asap.
  11. Try Adam Bower. He has his machine shop set up and he's in your backyard. And he's a L.C.U.S.A. member
  12. Agree with TRs. It's not a matter of tuning to have the fastest, it's about safety. Stock for a museum, tuned for everyday. Where I live people will try to kill you so they can get to where they are going if you are "in the way"
  13. Thank goodness for scoot.net photo archive
  14. So I've been digging through my stuff for old scene, bike builds and racing pictures and trying to consolidate them, and if they are hardcopy, scanning them. I used to have a ton of pictures from e.s.r.a. days and uploaded a lot to the yahoo egroup. Can't find but one disc from 2003, Beaver Run, PA. The old yahoo group is long gone it looks like. Anyone have pictures from e.s.r.a. days? Be a real shame if those images just faded away. Lots of hard work from a lot of good people. I'll send ya a zip drive to load up for me.... or drop box it.. I have some old video too
  15. No. It was a full frame in great condition. I was such a dope I wanted to take it apart and clean everything. I had no $, no skills. Ugh. Couldn't even figure out how to polish the paint. Obviously no internet and wclw was about the only u.s. shop and I was in upstate n.y. I lived with my parents so I had to be quick with the long distance calls to wclw. Dug up my first two issues of scootering from around that time too! Get a load of that Marty Mcfly Toyota in the background. Not mine I had a p.o.s. Escort. That's roots!
  16. I was going through pictures. Found a picture of my first bike 1988. It was on a slide. You remember those , right? Started taking it apart in the picture. My ex's brothers would steal it and ride it all over. Never understood why I had to adjust the points all the time to make it go. Assholes! Started as a 125, then a 165 then a 190.
  17. Do you happen to have a link you could post for them? I found them a long time ago and can't seem to find them again. Thanks!
  18. Are s.i.p. tubeless rims lighter than original steel split rims (or aftermarket steel split)?
  19. Not to sound flip but put some muscle into it and bend it. I think all centerstands have the same width, so swapping them around won't help, I think.
  20. I know just what you mean. If you wait a few weeks to use it again, you get some dried chunks in it you have to pick out. I tried putting saran wrap over the opening and then screwing the cap on. No dice...
  21. Hey, I don't have any contact info for Chino from around Allentown Pa, (sometimes works for scooters O) but here is a link he might find helpful https://www.lambretta-teile.de/Side-shaft-10-12-15-17-short-4th-Pinasco-Lambretta
  22. Jetting. Was running lean. The video is the same jetting with a pod filter. Big thanks to Adam B. and Mikes sixth sense. 20180504_173456.mp4
  23. First pic is green and white, second is red and white, third is red and white on rx10. Getting a lot of help from Adam. He's very patient. I have a second stator with a new black box pick up installed and the numbers are pretty much the same.
  24. Hey Mike, thanks for weighing in. I should have mentioned I tried a 175 p0 needle jet, 170 thru 270 for mains, and a 5dp39 needle. Every change changed how it ran (lean or rich) but it still did the same choke out at 1/4 throttle. The set up mentioned before seems to be the best, Ha! at 1/4 throttle. When I went to a 240 and above it started to run worse and smoke more. I guess I should also check that the silencer does not have the packing material blocking the pipe.
  25. Starts and idles fine. Will not rev over 1/4 throttle. Changed to a mikuni tmx 30. Ran more smoothly but did the same thing. Changed back to the 28. Rt195, lth reed valve, 60/107 crank, mikuni tm 28 with a 220 main, 175 p8, 5ej11 needle, and 20 idle. Stock slide. Timing at 17 set with a gun on an idian stator, plug gap .64 (.025), cdi, ht and cap from a running bike. A.f. rayspeed lightened flywheel. I was advised the next step is to change the flywheel to indian and then change the stator. Any other suggestions? 20180503_110422.mp4
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