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  1. Woohoo! Big public thanks to Boeingpilot! I had a headset with switches and harness' from different aftermarket suppliers and he drove 40 minutes one way out to my place and fixed my rat nest! Thanks again S. Any parts, labor or tools you need just say the word. Stu
  2. I would like to know if the larger the number on a mikuni pilot jet the richer that jet is? For instance, a 12.5 is more lean than a 20? Thanks
  3. So before I start crying I'd like to mention that the Twist and Gone drag event organized by Jeremy Hall is realy well put together. There were 44 riders of all types of scoots. 17 or 19 class' (cant remember) and a king of the hill shootout. The fastest time was 77. something mph in an 1/8th mile. Jeremy also puts together nos kits for all types of scoots. So this is a brief run down of what happend. We brought three bikes I built. Two ran perfect. The stock bike run by roland got 1st place in his class. The second bike was an imola 185. Ran great but lost its first race so it was done. Bill who rode it is an auto guy and had a 30 min. ride on it before the race so I thought he did real well. My bike did terrible. The bike was loaded on the truck and the headset broke right away. We didnt even leave the parking lot. I had another headset at home so we went and got it. After the 9 hour drive checked into the hotel and spent 2 1/2 to 3 hours in the parking lot changing the headset out. Race day I had carb issues but I fixed that up. I decided to run w/o a side panel cover. First race pant leg covered carb. Next race fouled plug. Thats it. Over. Gobbled fates balls.
  4. I leave tomorrow the the twist and gone drags out in morgantown IN. 9 hours to get there... Borrowed a go pro and will take pic.s
  5. Its like a Russ Meyers movie without the boobs.
  6. Heres the info for the drags : http://usascooterracing.com/TG_2013/ Brown County Dragway 480 Gatesville Rd, Morgantown, IN 46160 on October 11-12. They have a facebook page and youtube vids. I think two years ago the fastest was a zip auto @ 72mph on an 1/8 mile. They put a call out for geared vintage. The fork brace was not my idea. It was a conversion done by v.mross a long time ago for my specials race bike. Makes the suspension work together to eliminate wheel wollow. Here are more clear pictures of the front fork work, steering dampener and radiator work. They are old pictures and the cylinder has been cleaned up and an in head thermostat installed. Not the butterfly valve as seen in the pictures and no hydraulic clutch. I have about 60 miles on it so far. Works great!.
  7. Hey Thanks for the complements. It was a long time coming. Steering dampener is still there. Works great. Scary fast is faster than Ive been on an rd350. Just above half throttle the power kicks in hard and you can almost feel the front wheel float. Scares me. Dont know top speed. Going to the dyno in the next 2 weeks. Yeah thats the coolant filler cap. I havent seen Duece G. for awhile either. Your welcome to check it out.
  8. Hey Adam. Im getting the itch to race again. If anything is going down count me in, just let me know. I also have a friend who also has expierence and would join up to. Hey CFB, your right. Seems to be a dry spell for sporting lambs... Good to see your still around S
  9. Wow. Thats fantastic! Havent seen a cento done up like that since old west coast race pictures from early '90s. Great job and good luck.
  10. In 2008 I started this project and in 2009 I had almost completed it. Then I had an issue, there was a coolant leak and I needed to get a thermostat housing welded to the head. I sent it out to be delt with got the cylinder back and shuffled it to the back of my garage because I got sick of dealing with it. Everything is custom so anything that needed attention was an excersise in problem solving. Fast forward to 2013. I was going to finish it for not summit point but a friend of mine turned me onto the scooter drags in Indiana and I thought I could finish in time. It was untested in its current state and with the changes I was worried about cooling system not working correctly. Not for any particular reason, just worried. Went for a ride yesterday and it runs perfect! Stays well cool and runs scary fast. Im only leaving that seat on for the drags. I have a more normal one to replace it. It's a 1974 Serveta stock color with subtle pearl over top with a watercooled extensivly ported TS1 with weisco piston, 18/47 af 6 plate clutch, gp gearbox. The fit of the bodywork is not perfect. I'd like to see how it would stack up against an RB. Any questions, let me know. Done. Thanks to V.Mross for the work on the case and cylinder CS Engineering for cylinder head work http://www.csengineering.fsnet.co.uk/ Mark Tidd also known as "pride" on this forum whos patience and help has been without limit. http://www.flickr.com/photos/anne-mark-photos/ Scooters O and Jet200 for the little bits and not so little bits. and Mark Lorenz of Hellbent Fabrication for , well the fabrication. Hellbent Fab. LLC 301 E.Liberty St. Lancaster, PA 17602 (717) 735 5034 Check out the older pictures: http://www.lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=6455&highlight= http://www.lambretta.org/message/viewtopic.php?t=9327&highlight=
  11. How do I post pictures here? I saw it was covered on this site but I can't find the info now. Thanks.
  12. When you describe horizontal play do you mean in and out in a push/pull motion? I do not have that.
  13. What are some symptoms of a loose gearbox end plate? I have a ser.3 that was leaking oil from the rear axle. I could grip the wheel and wiggle it very slightly. None of my other bikes do that. Opende the motor up, inspected the rear hub bearing. It felt good. Replaced axle seal, o ring around axle, heiocoiled a gearbox endplate stud. Put it all back with new hardend nuts and split washers. Torqued to correct settings with the rear hub torqued onto the rear axle. Buttoned everything up and it still has a slight wiggle. Not shimmed correctly or endplate loose? Help! Thanks.
  14. The garage sound is kind of broad. If you like the 60's era I'd suggest picking up compilations and then going to find the bands that catch your ear. I'd suggest Nuggets :original artifacts, garage beat '66, Back from the grave vol.1,2,3,4,etc.., Garage Punk unknowns, Hang it out to dry, Quagmire: Sixties punk in the usa. For new stuff I'm not to sure. Is Ty Segal considered garage? Jim Jones review, Jukes of Kent? I like a lot of primitive r&r and there are lots of cross overs in blues, rock, pschedelic, rockabilly, funk.
  15. I guess it depends on your location on who to do it. He's out by pittsburg. My votes with solerunner. He's a club member, knows what he's doing is very thorough. Talk to him... http://www.lambrettaengineering.com/
  16. Anyone going? I know its the same weekend as Not Summit Point but I think I might go... http://usascooterracing.com/TG_2013/
  17. I'd like to request access. The membership card I have says #57. Thanks, S
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