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  1. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    A cheaper alternative to Casa 265?

    It's gotta be case induction I think...
  2. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    Piston Re Pegging help

    Anyone know a reliable machine shop, motorcycle shop, any shop that can re peg a piston? It's a modern wossner piston. Contacted L.T.H. with pictures of the package and piston in bore. No response.
  3. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    Cambridge Lamb Won't Sell to U.S.?

    Tried on and off for awhile to order from them. Finally asked why there site won't work for me. They said they won't sell to u.s. because of insurance issues? News to me. They said Siobhan at www.lambrettaconcessionaires.com has some of there products
  4. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    A cheaper alternative to Casa 265?

    https://scooterlab.uk/cosmoto-cranks-for-250cc-simonini-conversion-news/ https://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/cylinder+simonini+mini+2+evo_78246210
  5. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    Tv 175 s3 paint

  6. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    Hydra Rear Brake

    Are the brake shoes specific to the kit and how much are a spare pair of shoes? Did I see somewhere that are similar to an ape or did I imagine that?
  7. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    Web article

    Basic history/info article I saw: https://www.deccanherald.com/specials/sting-V3$p@-back-710586.html
  8. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    Potential Race Track

    Might be of interest to Adam or Woody Friend of mine owns a Yamaha shop. He just took on this race track and is always looking for racing organizations to get on the track. https://www.sandyhookspeedway.com/rentals
  9. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    It's electric

    Can't think of a better thing to do with a ve $pa . Hilarious? More like ridiculous. https://www.google.com/amp/s/electrek.co/2018/12/13/V3$p@-inspired-electric-monowheel/amp/
  10. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    Hydra Rear Brake

    Just saw this. 390 pounds sterling for the complete kit.
  11. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    M/Nissin Numbers

    I did a little digging. I think it's a front brake caliper off a honda rebel cmx 250. Not sure of the year but it looks like an '85 and up. The whole assembly a complete caliper looks to be around $45. I am not 100% sure so please double check me.. https://www.ebay.com/i/232292780015?chn=ps&ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F1%2F711-117182-37290-0%2F2%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.com%252Fi%252F232292780015%253Fchn%253Dps%26itemid%3D232292780015%26targetid%3D537337823424%26device%3Dm%26adtype%3Dpla%26googleloc%3D1025001%26poi%3D%26campaignid%3D1590235577%26adgroupid%3D59485653105%26rlsatarget%3Dpla-537337823424%26abcId%3D1140216%26merchantid%3D113437936%26gclid%3DCjwKCAiAodTfBRBEEiwAa1haupW01D4ButfUaiOJZkQ2B07YuPqKnO6LQmYyZiyp_GEhujU-QU8xZBoCkt4QAvD_BwE%26srcrot%3D711-117182-37290-0%26rvr_id%3D1751026509391%26rvr_ts%3D387377651670ada61ee1a163ffe54323
  12. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    M/Nissin Numbers

    I don't know the numbers but I do believe the caliper has the same parts as a honda rebel. I posted numbers a long time ago. Probably on the old site...
  13. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    RT 195 vs SS 200

    I still have that rt for sale but I did just see this on LCUSA Facebook classifieds.
  14. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    RT 195 vs SS 200

    I would like to elaborate on the description of the rt performance. The torque is pretty feirce from way down rpms and holds the power very well up the rev range. It drops off pretty high up the rev range , but by that time you are more than ready to change gears. It's like that in every gear. My gearing is 46/15, a.f. rayspeed close ratio box, mec eur mid weight flywheel. 30mm mikuni, jl 4 ( it's what I had to use) Any ss200 owners on here? I'm interested to hear.
  15. Stu aka S.Hanson #17

    RT 195 vs SS 200

    Honestly, I got a price on the rb that was way to good to pass up. I was going to hold out till I could afford the quatrini 210. I think the rb will be more of a challenge to set up with a longstroke crank. The ss200 looks pretty straight forward if you use casa parts and follow there build formula. I have had no experience with the ss200 or the quatrini 210 nor have I seen them in person. As Mike said it might be less expensive to tune or try different things like a light flywheel and different gearing. On the flip side, in the past, when I've had a kit that wasn't fast enough and started to put money into a tune bigger carb and an expansion chamber, it never seemed enough.