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  1. I think you are better off getting a 150 gearbox, but if you want to experiment, casually looking at close ratio gearbox numbers the trees seem to be 11, 14, 16, 18. Loose gears are li 150 1st 50, li150 2nd 41, li125 3rd 39 and a gp200 4th 36 on 18, 47 sprockets. I have also seen 13, 15, 17, 19 tree with 47, 40, 37, 35 loose gears. Dont know the sprockets used. So using what you have: li150 1st and second, li125 3rd and a gp 4th would be interesting. You will have to look at the numbers and try to get to around the numbers listed. I have never mixed gears from different bikes, dont know if any of it will work. I have used close ratio boxes with trees and loose gears manufactured to be used together. Also, serveta gearboxes are said to be weak. I find this sight simple and helpful http://www.scooterhelp.com/tuning/lam.gear.calc.html
  2. I was wondering what the "proper" etiquette would be if you post a question, and people answer your question or give helpful ideas, should you give them an upvote/"like"?
  3. I think I have a solution. I have RD's as well as lambrettas. Just dug through rd cables and found an rd speedo cable with the ends cut off is very close to the lamb brake cable. Very stiff. The black cable with the lamb brake cable inner is the speedo cable, the grey is the original lamb rear brake cable. The speedo cable is thicker and stiffer than a p200 rear brake cable outer Also got turned on to these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EXTRA-LONG-ZINC-PLATED-STEEL-REAR-BRAKE-CABLE-FERRULE-FOR-LAMBRETTA-SCOOTERS/273743861543?hash=item3fbc67d727:g:kxcAAOSwJm9cfVoQ&redirect=mobile Hopefully this will help someone
  4. It's super close, but does not hit while on the center stand, but has good clearance when not on the center stand with a rider sitting on it. Thanks for looking. Checking for motorcycle , ATV and emergency car brake cable.
  5. It is on the center stand for the pictures, so the is more clearance when not on the center stand and the weight of the rider, but still I dont want to pass the rear brake through that
  6. Not possible with the intake and offset frame comes. Has to go over the mount and behind the carb.
  7. The rear cable outer I have is a 25 1/2 inch. I need a 26 1/2 or even better, a 27. Longer is better, I will cut to fit if to long
  8. Looking for one ser.3 rear brake cable outer that's about 2 inches longer than stock. If even longer, that's fine, I can cut it down. Anyone know where I can find one or a similar cable outer?
  9. Here is the motor I started to put together this weekend. It was an rt 195. I sold the rt topend when I got a deal on an rb20. The transfers were opened up considerably and the cases where welded for extra material and matched to the kit. I had an unused 62 mm stroke crank that was rebuilt, welded. All machine/welding, crank rebuild done by Adam Bower. I rebuilt the bottom end. I would have finished, but I cant find the case studs, so I had to order more. RB20, mammoth head, lth short intake, 62mm crank (cant remember rod length), rayspeed 46 tooth 7 plate clutch, 16 drive sprocket, old rayspeed close ratio gearbox, casa axle, slotted rear brake shoes, Indian12 volt elec. ign., lightend flywheel, jl mk4 race exhaust (modified by A.Bower from ts1 to fit rb)
  10. Do the moderators look at b.s. posts on LCUSA Classifieds? Its starting to look like scoot.net
  11. it could be mismatched fork links from different models, unevenly worn springs, unevenly /worn fork buffers (or different manufacturer) slightly uneven, bent fork pistons, uneven not seated correctly (manufacturer or just oil dirt) fork spring stops or all of the above.
  12. Mikuni tm's postage paid they also sell on ebay motors. Didn't check for pwk 24tm $109 28tm $102 32 tmx $122 https://www.oemcycle.com/Item/category/fuel__air+carburetors__related/-/50000059/-/?fut=none&SC=%2FItem%2Fcategory%2Ffuel__air%2Bcarburetors__related%2F-%2F50000059%2F-%2F%3Fsegment%3D1&SEARCHSTRING=Mikuni+tm+24&x=21&y=12
  13. Anyone know a reliable machine shop, motorcycle shop, any shop that can re peg a piston? It's a modern wossner piston. Contacted L.T.H. with pictures of the package and piston in bore. No response.
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