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  1. paulS2


    small group of us will be driving to the Jammy from Boston . looking forward to this trip !
  2. wow ! looks like this might just be in everyones backyard along the east coast . gets my vote , count me in !
  3. ive see this for the 225 kit and the cases need to have material added to the transfers , which is not too much of a problem in the Uk but here in the states, especially on the east coast nobody that can weld wants to tig weld a 50year old engine case. and if you can get it done it'll add another $200-300 + to your engine build costs . alternatively the suggestion from rimini lambretta is to use their special gasket sealer and itll be ok ....thin transfer wall but ok ..
  4. I'm registered its gonna be a good 'un !
  5. After meeting with you guys at the jammy this year I think this will be a whole lot of fun !! I'll be riding the corsa this weekend at lake George NY . maybe next year?
  6. had this playing in work ...great pics with the epic sounds of the style council ! nice choice of tunes ,got me in the mood for a nice long scoot later !! thanks
  7. paulS2


    LJ 2015 . FANTASTIC !! thanks to you and ALL of the organizers for a truly unforgettable time In California.
  8. Really good to know you Steve , i had a blast hanging with you for the lammy jammy! looking forward to your scathing sarcasm and awkward sense of humor to return ! ( nudge nudge wink wink !)
  9. I'm flying in Wednesday with wrekkah , our scoots are already in LA ready for pick up ! looking forward to this one !!...
  10. google maps say its 21 H 36 Mins to drive from Boston To Duluth ....should be a nice drive
  11. just registered, nice and easy! looking forward to this one
  12. paulS2

    New Shirts!

    I liked my new shirt sooooo much I'm gonna but another
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