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  1. I saw a person riding a really nice white and yellow slimstyle Lambretta in Napa today. Was it anybody here? I tried to flag you down to say hi but you didn't see me (or ignored me -LOL ) Anyway, just curious because I rarely see other scooter people around here, especially on a Lambretta!
  2. I was passing through Pasadena on Saturday afternoon so I stopped by the hotel at about 2pm to check it out. Unfortunately I was running late and I only had about fifteen minutes to spare so I snapped as many photos as I could then posted them: They are public so you don't have to drink the Facebook Kool-Aid to view them but please like me if you are a member: https://www.facebook.com/BotchWorks I wish there was more time to meet some of you but this was the worst possible weekend for me so I was grateful to spend at least a few minutes there. It looked very well organized and everybody was having a good time.
  3. There were a lot of good shops out there but we didn't know about most of them prior to the internet. I was in Southern California so it was mostly Scooterville for parts. They had some Lambretta stuff in the old days. I remember mail ordering stuff from Batcave in San Francisco but it got easier when WCLW came along as well as South Bay Scooters, Alpine, Go Fast, Bellissimo, etc. I did most of the scooter repairs in the Riverside area, along with Freddy Eddy who is still in business today.
  4. It seems that we are in a renaissance period with Lambretta parts. When I first got into scooters in the very early 80s Lambrettas were super cheap but it was difficult to get parts. Eventually shops like WCLW came along and started buying up inventory from defunct 60s shops so we had a lot of NOS parts available. That was fine up until the mid 80s when chrome was king. But we eventually started reading about performance scooters in British magazines. Lights & mirrors suddenly became passe as people shifted to performance scooters instead. It was all about the Series 3 and NOBODY wanted Series 1 and Series 2 Lambrettas back then! But Lambrettas were behind the curve in terms of aftermarket kits with the only option being the large block TS1. Since most Lambrettas in the United States were LI models and scooterists were mostly poor, TS1s were not a big hit here. Not that we suffered because WCLW did some incredible top end conversions for small blocks, mostly thanks to Dave Webster's tuning manual. The Y2K era rang in the availability of small block kits, such as the Imola, but at the same time NOS parts sources began drying up. Ebay and internet commerce helped tremendously with parts availability but Vietbodges and poor quality parts became a problem which is still prevalent today. It is exciting to see the innovations that are taking place in Germany and the UK. The thought of a brand new modern crate engine would have been unthinkable a few years ago. I would like to see somebody repop quality frames since that seems to be the only real void in the market right now. Anyway, I don't enjoy riding much anymore but still love wrenching. The California helmet law in '92 combined with prostate issues took the fun out of it. Having to stop to piss every 15 minutes is not fun. Oh well. Anyway, sorry for the trip down memory lane.
  5. What a great rally that was! I remember hanging out with a few people who rode from the bay area. We ended up going to the back of a grocery store and stealing some pallets to use as firewood because it was cold as shit that night.
  6. I like the idea of having it under the switch so thanks for the ideas. I have a BGM 12v AC stator with a BGM Pro AC/DC regulator so I hope the wiring is not too difficult. I also have a fuel tap with warning light that I hope to incorporate along with the speed sensor and cylinder head temp.
  7. I was originally going to run a speedo cable to the SIP speedo on my Series 2 project but I was intrigued by the speed sensor so I ordered one along with the bracket and magnets. But now I am wondering something: does the speedo sensor move the needle like a conventional speedometer or does it only show a digital readout when a cable is not used? Another question, where do most people mount the control button? I was thinking of mounting it on the end of one of the handlebars under the handgrip so I can push the end of the grip to operate the button. It would sit in a little recessed cup so it couldn't be activated by accident. Just an idea.
  8. Who sells the grey sheathing that is on a wiring harness? I am installing an SIP speedo and want to cover the black wires with grey to match the rest of the harness.
  9. I bought a set of Pinasco tubeless splits for my other-branded bike after destroying a set of SIP wheels and tires while trying to mount them. They are absolutely the way to go for that type of scooter.
  10. I paid several hundred dollars for a holder and machine similar to the one on MBs website. I screwed up two SIP rims, smashed my finger and tore off my thumb nail. I got so pissed that I chopped it up with the welding torch and chucked it in the dumpster. Not my best investment. Now I have three rims left that I don't know what to do with.
  11. Anybody know of a tire shop in the SF bay area that can install tires on SIP tubless wheels? I am in Napa so the closer the better.
  12. Posting this for the Napa Valley Scooter Club. They are hosting a rally and campout to benefit a 10 year old cancer patient who really needs help. They will have a raffle, silent auction, and also have a Go Fund Me Page. Any help would be greatly appreciated: Flier: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204729266249783&set=gm.457208104432552&type=1&theater Go Fund Me: http://www.gofundme.com/themightyquinn Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/448562618630434/ Auction Page: http://mightyquinnauction.blogspot.com/ Please join us for a ride at 11:00, or Fundraisr after party starting at 3:00 at 1043 Barrow Ln, Napa, for Quinn Scharn, 10 year old son of Matt (Napa Coach) and Teresa Howell, who is currently fighting his second battle with cancer. We will gather at 10:00 and ride the golden rolling hills of Napa Valley and then gather for a late afternoon of fun and good cheer. You're welcome to bring your camper, trailer tent or sleep out under the stars. We'll have bingo, massage, raffle prizes, live music by The Lo-Watters and The Funk Pickles, food and drink, easter egg hunt and more! We are asking for a $25 donation. Cash preferred. Can't make it but would like to contribute?? Please visit our GoFundMe page in the comment section below to make a donation. Every little bit helps. If you would like to contribute a raffle prize please PM Thea Witsil. Thank you all so much!! Meet at Cathey Austin Jones house at 1043 Barrow Ln, Napa at 10:00, KICK STANDS UP AT 11:00!! Directions to follow, please stay tuned. RAFFLE & SILENT AUCTION ITEMS INCLUDE: 2, 3 day passes to BottleRock Napa Napa Valley Balloon ride for 2 $100 Gift Cert to Wallmart $100 Gift Cert to B & G Tires Gift Cert to The Acupuncture Clinic St. Supery Wine Handmade quilt Mens Dicky Chino Jacket, XL and more.....
  13. I just don't ride anymore. Since the January 1, 1992 helmet law went into effect I have ridden a total of what I used to ride in one month. Prefer wrenching any day.
  14. I was planning to buy a Targa engine but this has peaked my curiosity. I have decided to downsize to one bike so why not.
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