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  1. I can't speak for the other vendors, but I can assure you that my margin is not that high. I know everyone thinks parts are expensive, and they are, but it is not the store owners that make them so. They are expensive to produce in limited quantities. e.g., I had some screws made for the Luna line recently. 227 screws cost me $800. I doubt I'll sell 100 of these screws, but I've priced them at $8.80 each so I can break even at 100. (The other 10% is to deal with overhead, such as the time/effort/fuel and PayPal/credit card fees).

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  2. To make it interesting, I'll provide the following:

    Vouchers for Lambretta Concessionaires.

    $50 for anyone who rides more than 1000 miles
    $100 for anyone  who rides further than me (I'm expecting about 1500 miles)
    $200 to the person who rides the farthest.

    Now, definition of distance is reasonable direct. That is, no riding in a circle just to up your miles, but reasonable detours for sight seeing or staying off freeways are allowed. e.g., San Jose to Seattle was 840 miles direct up I5. However, as we went up 1 and 101, with some sight seeing deviations, we did 1158 miles. Plan was to do 250 more, again a deviation for sight seeing. so I'd have accepted 1400 miles. Basically, you have to justify the distance you rode.

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  3. On 6/20/2018 at 6:17 PM, vegansydney said:

    Flying in with @Tinman. Can't wait!

    Still looking for some Italian steel to straddle for the weekend if anyone has a spare. Happy to trade for drinks and/or return the favor when visiting NYC. 

    Benji, can't promise the whole weekend, but I think I may be a tad sick of riding by the time I get there. Will have 3 machines, so we might be able to help you... although 2 will be Spanish steel!


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  4. I may be wrong, but that doesn't look like a period switch.

    I had the same issue with regard to Australia.


    In 1957 they didn't have have a brake light, but they do now. I had one made up using another Lambretta switch. I'm going to be assembling in the next year or so, so we'll see what happens :-o


  5. congrats on such a find. well worth the money you have spent so far.


    Always remember, as a general rule, better to pay more and do it once! There are cheap parts out there, but there is often a reason why they are cheap.

    I have some original footboard strips that would not look out of place on there.


    I'm in San Jose.

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