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  1. Well as long as you got it going, that's all that matters in the end.
  2. it's an interesting set up for wanting Torque for a commuter bike. Did you decide in the end?
  3. Roger, where did you get this Varitronic from? If it was me, you could have contacted me at lambrettaconcessionaires.com I am the USA distributor for Tino's product.
  4. Not having a go at you, just trying to help. Do you know your coil is in the wrong place? Keep up the good work. You will get there!
  5. can’t help you there I’m afraid. Make sure you get a post-mod version which is stronger.
  6. I'll start this out by making sure you know I'm a dealer. So, you can take this piece of information how you want. The Ancilotti Sport gives you about 3 or 4 extra bhp, but is quite quiet due to an end can. My first experience of the exhaust, I was quite impressed. I was riding a Mugello 225 with a StandarD Ancilotti. My friend riding. Small Block 200 and he had the Sport. He could nearly keep up with me on the flat, but he'd often just beat me on a hill.
  7. It would be nice to see this there. I have one of these Innocenti machines as well now. Have you done any more work on yours?
  8. Hi Corey, I did say that the internals are Gold 🙂 It also has the Italian style rear mudguard, rather than the Spanish style. However, it does have the Spanish stand. Note the engine mounts are painted white. I think it's the Spanish style tank. I've added some pics for you.
  9. Golden Jet 200, Restored for me by Buzz (Anthony Beaumont from Buzz solo moto in the UK). Whilst it has been repainted and rebuilt, it is virtually all original. This is frame number 551070. Is Golden on the outside, with gold internals. Innocenti parts on mine were: cylinder head, inlet manifold, kick start, disc brake and ignition switches are Italian. Side panels are thin top version.
  10. Corey, Buzz has been documenting amounts of Innocenti parts in, so called, S1 (Or Golden) Jets. When he restored mine, he documented what he found that was Innocenti. His comment was that it is a pattern rather than a cut off. e.g., bike 1 may have a part made by Innocenti, bike 2 made by Eibar, Bike 3 Innocenti again...
  11. There's now a room available at the Rocket Motel, as I had to cancel dues to loosing my job.
  12. Well deserved. A beautiful bike!
  13. bloody typical! I recently spent a small fortune getting Chiselspeed to create a Luna 140cc for me!
  14. Stu, I replied to the email Cambridge sent you. The reason for the similarity in products is that we both sell Tino Sacchi products, I am the North American distributor.
  15. I've been installing one on my Misano running a Super Imola: On facebook
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