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    Lambrettas! Ok, well socialising, movies, theatres, fashion, keeping fit, reading, and did I mention Lambrettas?
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  1. siobhan ellis

    Li 150 Special - Red

    My NYPD Innocenti made LI 150 had paint on the fork link bolts
  2. siobhan ellis

    Hydra Rear Brake

    They are not that easy to get yet. I'll have some in stock. Meanwhile, I can answer any questions on them.
  3. siobhan ellis

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    I got the last room
  4. siobhan ellis

    Hydra Rear Brake

    I was actually showing it at the Jamboree on a Misano engine case. Latest I have is that should be available in the next few weeks, which also means the front ones will also be available again too. There are no mods required to the engine case for this, at all. The Master cylinder sits on the rear footboard support leg, and is cable operated between the pedal and the Master Cylinder. I'll get some detailed pcs for you of the prototype I have.
  5. siobhan ellis

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    How did you know to book the Rocket Motel?
  6. siobhan ellis

    Membership perks!?! Vendor Discounts?

    I can't speak for the other vendors, but I can assure you that my margin is not that high. I know everyone thinks parts are expensive, and they are, but it is not the store owners that make them so. They are expensive to produce in limited quantities. e.g., I had some screws made for the Luna line recently. 227 screws cost me $800. I doubt I'll sell 100 of these screws, but I've priced them at $8.80 each so I can break even at 100. (The other 10% is to deal with overhead, such as the time/effort/fuel and PayPal/credit card fees).
  7. siobhan ellis

    2019 Lambretta Jamboree: Custer, South Dakota

    To make it interesting, I'll provide the following: Vouchers for Lambretta Concessionaires. $50 for anyone who rides more than 1000 miles $100 for anyone who rides further than me (I'm expecting about 1500 miles) $200 to the person who rides the farthest. Now, definition of distance is reasonable direct. That is, no riding in a circle just to up your miles, but reasonable detours for sight seeing or staying off freeways are allowed. e.g., San Jose to Seattle was 840 miles direct up I5. However, as we went up 1 and 101, with some sight seeing deviations, we did 1158 miles. Plan was to do 250 more, again a deviation for sight seeing. so I'd have accepted 1400 miles. Basically, you have to justify the distance you rode.
  8. siobhan ellis

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    Me too! Thanks so much.
  9. siobhan ellis

    tv200 gearing

    Josh, the 225 Mugello is designed to be a kit with torque, and so should be able to pull a TV200 gearbox. Having said that, 2 up adds weight. I have no idea on the relative sizes of the people involved though. I just rode over the Alps and Pyrenees on a Mugello 225 on a standard SX200 gearbox, no problem at all. Can't talk about using a BGM though, as I have no experience.
  10. siobhan ellis

    tv200 gearing

    I was hoping I could help. Smallest front sprocket I have is a 15. I even looked in my personal stash. No luck ? Sorry.
  11. siobhan ellis

    Lambretta Jamboree 2018 Roll Call

    1250 miles, 5 days
  12. siobhan ellis

    Lambretta Jamboree 2018 Roll Call

    Benji, can't promise the whole weekend, but I think I may be a tad sick of riding by the time I get there. Will have 3 machines, so we might be able to help you... although 2 will be Spanish steel!
  13. siobhan ellis

    Lambretta Jamboree 2018 Roll Call

    Riding, the long way, from San Jose with 3 friends from Italy.
  14. siobhan ellis

    Quail 2018

    Hard to say how many scooters, as they were dotted around, and I hardly had any time to look.
  15. siobhan ellis

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    A group of us are riding up the coast from San Jose. We'll be doing something similar. We are leaving on Saturday, and will take 5 days.