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    San Jose, Ca
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    Lambrettas! Ok, well socialising, movies, theatres, fashion, keeping fit, reading, and did I mention Lambrettas?
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    57 LD Mk3
    58 LI 150 S1 Framebreather (replica of SSDT - North to South Australia 2013)
    60 LI 125 S2 (Used at Shell refinery in Sydney)
    65 LI 150 S3 (Misano - Milano Taranto 2011, EuroLambretta 2012, North to South of Australia 2013)
    69 Vega 125 (Australian Spec)
    68 J125 Super Starstream
    71 Eibar LI 150 Special NYPD
    68 Innocenti LI150 Special NYPD
    74 Serveta LI 150 Special NYPD
    78 Pasco MS 175 (NYPD Reject)
    68 Golden Jet 200 (Milano-Taranto 2017, EuroLambretta 2018)
    73 Ochre Jett250 (Targa Twin)
    68 Cometa (Australian Spec)
    71 Lambro 600V
    66 GT200 (Australian)
    49 Model B (Australian)
    68 SX 200 (US)
    47 Swallow Gadabout
    Vespa Air compressor

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  1. must of got some good stunts going there! It rained here in San Jose yesterday :-D
  2. Thanks Scott. Just a little wind. What's the problem? :-o
  3. I've noticed many profile show as LCUSA member, mine doesn't. How do I get that to work? Cheers
  4. Hi Jim, you need to give the route public access.


    Nice spot to choose! love it.

    Many thanks

    1. Jim Palmer

      Jim Palmer

      Just fixed it... try again.

  5. Thanks Rudy, but problem is I can't reply, and someone was pointing out that they couldn't donate to Lammie Drive :-(
  6. I used to be able to post and respond in the Jamboree area (indeed, I could yesterday), but today I can't even respond to my own topic. Has this area been made members only now? Siobhan
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