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  1. You can speak to a real live human being at Paypal. Maybe we can patch things up with them.
  2. Paypal for everything. It has its faults but by and large is awesome. Theres a group of us that got our union local to add it. I pay my rent with Paypal.
  3. Try now. I want to swap celly numbers with you anyway.
  4. Just seeing this. Sorry Steve. I'll empty now.
  5. jimmyb

    Ummmm, dogs?

    Domestic or foreign?
  6. Troublesome. My phone doesn't have the option but for the desktop you have to do it by sub-section only. So basically you have to open "chit chat" and then on the right side you will see a link to "mark all read".
  7. I don't think anyone can 'delete' their own message, only 'edit'.
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