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  1. I'll bet the 300 is a beast and is going to have a hard time competing with the V3$p@ 300... ....but frankly they are 4stroke and plastic so i dont think they are appropriate here.
  2. We have 91 here but an older stock bike can get away with most grades
  3. I dont have a sense of a humor so naturally sarcasm is a x-factor
  4. Actually there is a run on those too. Its a hot ticket round here. Folks are getting them and parking them in their backyard as hipster bar hangouts and air bnb's. Dave Highway has a few. He recently restored a beauty.
  5. I dont know much about long rides. But i can only imagine the distraction of bike noises and quirks. Nothing better than a clear mind when riding or driving. Blow outs are rare rare rare. Picking up a thorn or something on the side of the road is more common out here. Keep your rest stops to clear areas if you can. And take some nice pictures to share.
  6. I've read the same bgm report. I have been postponing a rt225 kit for my GP motor for this reason. I will also add that the bgm225 piston that i run in my Bower iron barrel has been nothing but awesome. I have finished the break in and will be pulling the topend for cleaning and inspection. I'll put up a pic or 2 when its on the table. I too have had nothing but a flawless and un-eventful experience with my rt195. I love it.
  7. Yes.....you remove the flat, rim and tire together. You will remove the nuts keeping the rims together. The tires typically will stay stuck to the rims so no worries when you go to remove the tube. Then try and run your fingers along the inside of tire to check for debris or sharp items. Put the new tube in with a tiny bit of air in it and put the rims together. This is where you want to be sure not to get the tube pinched while tightening the hardware.
  8. I dont think its a good idea to be in 4th a long time on a constant climb. Too much load. Keep it in 3rd at the top of the band. Thats what i do on the canyons in Los Angeles. When i ride up Angeles Crest i am almost always in 3rd at a sustained 6000ish rpm. If i try 4th its too fast for the turns and if i go a little slower in 4th its too much load on the motor and it gets hot.
  9. I'll jump in on some of this. I dont like vibrations anymore than the next guy. There are a few factors here. Stock vs modified. Is your spare for looks. A kitted bike will have a more powerful "power stroke", which can add to vibrations. A lighter flywheel will also add to this as will an expansion pipe. You put all of that together and no longer is it the "smooth" scoot of a stock variety. I line my blocks with the bottom hole at 5ish. I think the book says 6. Also of course there are mny variations of blocks available. I like soft multi hole blocks. The spare is mostly for looks. If you have a problem with it than remove it. The vibrations on any rack will lead to metal fatigue. The spare is typically a heavy item and the rack is the flimsy part holding it to a scoot........ The rack is the weak point in the equation. I dont know if i have nailed it here but i know i'm in the ball park.
  10. How low will the pound go.............to make me stop shopping local.
  11. Very very nice Pete. I always thought they looked proper.
  12. I dont use frames and my plates fit fine.
  13. Check with Adam and see how far he thinks you can modify your final gearing without sacrificing performance. My first comments were mainly regarding the very minimal difference between the 46/15 and 46/16. I've played with both and thats why i suggested starting at a 46/17 if you are playing around with gearing. My other bike has a Bower225(bored out 200)...i love it. Good luck
  14. What top end? I have a 125 cassette too and the 47/18 which gets me to around a 4.80? final. I run a bgmtop end and casa vari ign. It rips in 3rd and in the canyons is tough to pass. I messed with sprockets and chain for a long time until Anhalt suggested the 47/18 primary. Its also a Broadhurst recipe forever.
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