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  1. That's what I was planning on wearing to this years jammy! You ruined it now!
  2. They have a room for the 15th but not the 16th. I called a bunch of hotels in the area and no one seems to have a room for Saturday. I'm not picky any body local know a shitty place kinda close I can try? I'm bringing a tent just in case!
  3. Ok, so let's say someone waited till a week before the jammy to find a hotel and can't find a room. Any suggestions?
  4. That chick is bad ass! I couldn't make it pass the first day. Congratulations you deserve it!
  5. I had an Indian one that was stamped backwards. Good thing Adam caught it for me!
  6. 120 miles to ECC and best pice of shit award at dogwood!
  7. I plan on ridding out and our route is going to be close to that.
  8. What a great weekend! Thanks LCUSA for sponsoring again. Its pretty cool when the Lambrettas out number the vintage V3$p@s! Here are a few pics. (not mine I stole them from Facebook)
  9. Don't worry bout it mines having the same problem ( I can't find my box of jets) and I'm leading the rides. We can have a bet to see who floods out first!
  10. Looking forward to meeting you (hope I haven't jinxed myself now with this!) . Are you ridding up? Don't worry I'm sure that bike is solid! And if for some reason you have a problem there's a bunch of people that would help out.
  11. Yup an oil change is the first thing I would do to it!
  12. I like it. Makes the engine sound sexy. "I'm gonna go home and torque my rear hub down tight to my lay shaft" sounds like scooter porn.
  13. I drive through there on my way to work everyday. If the place is close to 80 I can stop in for you. Is it a shop? I might know the place.
  14. Pre registration is up! So do it! I have a feeling this might be one of the craziest years yet. Hub City Stompers will be returning this year and if you know them you know how good they are! https://sites.google.com/site/whiskeydickrally/registration
  15. it was a good time! Here are some of the lammies that were there.
  16. Yup its back again! come to the Poconos Ride your bikes, and get drunk and dumb with us. We have lots of crazy stuff planned. Awesome music, and great food. It should be one of the best year's yet! Registration will be up soon. https://www.facebook.com/events/1681864098764260/
  17. I don't know how to be an ambassador but I'm gonna there. Not sure if you want my drunk stupid ass to represent us anyway. your probably better off pretending I'm not with you guys!
  18. I think I missed something. What post? I want to be mad too!
  19. Why does this look really familiar?
  20. It was weird at first it felt like my pilot jet was clogged. When I had it any less the 1/4 throttle it wasn't getting any fule and only worked in 1/2 to full throttle. Then after a mile or two it started to bogg down in full that's when I pulled over.
  21. So my bike is hard to start but today my bike was REALLY hard to start. After being made fun of by my "friend" (soulrunner1) for about 15 minuets I finally got it going. The ride started out great but soon it started to feel like I was running out of gas. I had just filled up and checked fuel flow when i was trying to start it. I pulled the carb off and when I looked in the float bowl there was a bunch of things in there that weren't supposed to be there! My atomizer, main jet, and some other brass thing were just hanging out in there! My bike never died I pulled over and shut it off. How was it working like that? I'm thinking Its because its to awesome to even need a carb but that's just my opinion.
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