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  1. That's what I was planning on wearing to this years jammy! You ruined it now!
  2. They have a room for the 15th but not the 16th. I called a bunch of hotels in the area and no one seems to have a room for Saturday. I'm not picky any body local know a shitty place kinda close I can try? I'm bringing a tent just in case!
  3. Ok, so let's say someone waited till a week before the jammy to find a hotel and can't find a room. Any suggestions?
  4. That chick is bad ass! I couldn't make it pass the first day. Congratulations you deserve it!
  5. I had an Indian one that was stamped backwards. Good thing Adam caught it for me!
  6. 120 miles to ECC and best pice of shit award at dogwood!
  7. I plan on ridding out and our route is going to be close to that.
  8. What a great weekend! Thanks LCUSA for sponsoring again. Its pretty cool when the Lambrettas out number the vintage V3$p@s! Here are a few pics. (not mine I stole them from Facebook)
  9. Don't worry bout it mines having the same problem ( I can't find my box of jets) and I'm leading the rides. We can have a bet to see who floods out first!
  10. Looking forward to meeting you (hope I haven't jinxed myself now with this!) . Are you ridding up? Don't worry I'm sure that bike is solid! And if for some reason you have a problem there's a bunch of people that would help out.
  11. Yup an oil change is the first thing I would do to it!
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