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  1. Cheers Guys, I managed to get a caged Malossi filter in the end, it seems to be ok, so once he's done a few miles the plug will tell all. But at this point in time it rides nice (although it is running in) and reacts well to the air screw adjustment when setting, plus good response for revving and quick die back afterwards. This engine has been eating pistons (3 in two years) and has zero performance, so it has finally come to me, i think a squish of 2.45mm and the timing set to 31 degrees BTDC are major contributing factors, on top of worn and hardened oil seals running through a viet pipe, and hes now got a No 9 plug and not the No 7 he was running, squish is now 1.45 mm, timing set at 19 BTDC, and a nice Scootopia Ancillotti, plus of course new Rolf seals all round.
  2. I have a customer who has just fitted a long range tank in his stock Indian GP 200, this obviously required the removal of the air filter system, he still wants to use the stock 22 carb but I am in need of advice, how do I restrict air flow enough to make the SH work, pod or breathe sweet filters are to free to draw sufficient fuel and activate the venturi, it starts but wont pull away?
  3. Anyone who can work "cornucopia" into their pitch has my vote!
  4. Yes it could be quite confusing, but if you've had the misfortune to own a 20 degree cone hub, you'd know that even 150 ft/lbs struggles to keep that bugger in place!
  5. FYI 150 ft/lbs is way too much, it should be 120 ft/lbs then a little more to align locking plate screw hole. Also the uneven portion of the supplied cone is not that important, it is purely the stock material surface untouched after the bore and outer taper are done in one set-up, although in your pic it did look a touch high, but that could of also been because it had "sprung" after slotting? Cheers Skippy.
  6. Of the 2000 people seated waiting pointlessly for their dinner, i'd be surprised if more than 60 of them got up to show interest, and most of them only went because it was outside and they could have a smoke!
  7. And the best way to completely destroy all your hard work is to start the engine while it's on the stand, that is a big no no!
  8. Skippy


    I will be swanning around in Chicago next week for 4 days, any tips on things to see or do would be very much appreciated. Cheers Steve.
  9. I think this version gives a little more in the bottom end torque wise, due to the slightly modified cone, but apart from that they are about the same.
  10. One other great point that a lot of people fail to notice about this pipe is that Casa slightly altered the profile of the header, this means that it can be fully fitted to the cylinder and then the cowling fitted afterwards.
  11. I keep trying, I am at the point now where I feel the only way I can ever post a picture is by using an envelope & stamp and then addressing it to the Prez to put it up for me!
  12. They were intimating that while I was visiting them in January, along with a few more soon to be not hard to find shiny things!
  13. Yes, I have 3 of them, two came with the dent (later ones), it does in-fact give clearance for the cylinder cowl top bolt head. P.S I love em, great sound and performance from a cosmetically original looking unit. Depending on your top end, you can gain an extra 800 RPM by removing or dramatically shortening the cigar tail pipe. I left the Wife's Series 1 full length (so that I can keep up with her)!
  14. I take it you haven't seen the new Scootopia reproductions, when side by side, inside and out they are identical! Very nice, if you like that sort of thing.
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