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  1. good tips! seems like the dealer may take care of all of this as well. I'm down there next week and will do some leg work.
  2. Ha, Yeah i have a valid motorcycle license, so that shouldn't be a problem, and i'll buy from a shop, so maybe that's all.
  3. I tried to make an appointment, next available:january, wtf? I could go walk into an MTO (same thing) right now, and there are 3 within walking distance..
  4. awesome. Well work is in Redwood City south of S.F. , i've been there like 12 times this year, already a 2nd home. Hoping to find a rental in halfmoon bay, or somewhere nice. I'll be back and forth for the next 6 months, with a move planned in july.
  5. I'm going to be moving to california from canada, for a while, looking to pick up a comuter bike as soon as i get there. Does anyone know how that happens? I go to the shop, buy a bike , get insurance (already spoke with geico) then.... is that it? where do i get a plate etc... Bill
  6. sure, you dont have to worry about the heat, and you can solve the hammering problem by not hammering, get the right tool, for real: http://jet200.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2297
  7. whats wrong with heat? heat the hell out of them and use a puller.
  8. Heh, i like big pipes, i cannot lie. This is just something i'm trying out.
  9. that's a lotta kit! gonna be a great ride.
  10. thanks @upjettr, think the reed cut/tune can wait till next winter, right now i'd like to do the rebuild and get the kit on there clean.
  11. heh, that would be you guys then? i'll email.
  12. Anyone on this side of the pond good for this work?
  13. Have you shipped cases over and back? what did that end up costing?
  14. this all started with thrown piston rings, before that (diff engine) I had a real run with thrown circlips, so i'm in the new rings/circlips every year club.
  15. since i'm gettin a crank anyhow, opinions on longer stroke cranks? looking for touring setup.
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