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  1. My SX200. Been a long project, but worth the wait! Big thanks goes out to Gransports cycles, Iowa for a great job with the paint and the rebuild.
  2. Guys, Does anyone know who might be selling a Dellorto 25mm carb kit, have search the sites I know in the US and UK and all say they are out of stock? Anyone bought one lately? Thanks.
  3. Am interested in seeing the photos Dave, am also from the UK and went to a lot of rallies in the 70's and 80's.
  4. Change of plans due to last minute issues! We are planning on riding the following Saturday March 28th now. Meeting in Main street parking lot in Stone Mountain (just before police station) at 10am. Riding into the park together and maybe stop for a coffee. On leaving the park the plan is to stop off at the German restaurant off main street and having a spot of lunch (sitting outside talking scooter trash). Finish off with a ride to Lithonia and back. Sorry for the late change. Hope some of you who could not make this Saturday can make next Saturday. Let me know if you can make it ?
  5. A few of us are considering a ride Saturday morning, meeting at Stone Mountain park. Time and route unconfirmed as yet! If interested in coming let me know? Let me know your thoughts on where we should ride this side of town? Thanks, Geoff.
  6. What part of town are you in ntxlammy?
  7. Wonder if it would fit inside a legshield basket such as this item on ebay :- 301145903774.
  8. Geoff

    Lambretta Coveralls

    XL Please, with long sleeves if possible! $58 is not a problem!
  9. Geoff

    Chrome ring

    I have 0.004" at the back and 0.055" at front right now (strange). If 1 mm is the norm I will shim under the fork clamp / yoke to put this right. Thanks.
  10. Anyone know what the correct gap between the bottom of the headset and the top of the chrome ring should be? I have an uneven gap that I want to make right! Thanks.
  11. Very funny ya'll. All I know is the exhaust sounds Sweet!!
  12. Decided to go for the mod look on the Jet200 I have had for a few years. Is now ready for the road, although may add a couple of spot lights. Photos can be seen @ http://imgur.com/a/igDRj#4
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