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  1. Clean the surface of the frame of paint at the ground on the tail lamp.
  2. This highly reputable person who built the engine... did you have them do this work for you? Why are they not stepping up and getting this dealt with for you? I don’t need / want an answer to these questions but I’m putting this out there
  3. Figure out where the leak is once the cylinder and piston is fixed. Change your carb set up. It’s WAY too much.
  4. 30 carb is also WAY too big for a standard cylinder deannspeed 190. WAY TOO BIG! 25 carb is the biggest I’d go for that set up. We also don’t know what exhaust you have. I’m not a fan of dean speed piston set up for many reasons. I’ve seen SO MANY fail. In my opinion the cylinder walls are too thin on a 190 from a 150 or 175 cylinder to dissapate heat properly. I do not recommend going over 175 on a 150 cylinder (I know I’ll hear feedback on this... I’m entitled to my opinion though. ) But you have what you have. Take the cylinder off and inspect it. Hopefully you can get away with a new piston. There is not much room for oversized ones in that set up.
  5. https://scooterfix.ca/products/lambretta-performance-tuning-and-conversions-8099990
  6. You are having much more than a carb issue. Get ready to rebuild that engine. You have been experiencing heat seizures and the engine is racing at a stop because of an air leak somewhere... check cylinder head, intake manifold, loose carb, worn or holed air hose, loose exhaust header, magneto flange leak, oil seals, or cylinder base gasket. time to get busy tearing that engine down My guess is the piston, cylinder, possibly the crank and bearings and seals are no longer any good after the heat seizures Get yourself a new Sticky manual and you will learn a lot about what your are going to be working on good luck with this where are you located?
  7. Take it back to them and get is done right. If there is this “relationship” there that you say there is, it will get fixed how YOU want it.
  8. Replace the CDI with a known working unit. Take it from there.
  9. I’ve got both the 1157 tail lamp and the festoon leds here Scott. Are you still running with a 6 volt system? https://scooterfix.ca/products/lambretta-V3$p@-halogen-headlight-bulb-6v-25-25w-ba20d
  10. Are you still running with a 6 volt system? https://scooterfix.ca/products/lambretta-V3$p@-halogen-headlight-bulb-6v-25-25w-ba20d
  11. 80’s Serveta rack.
  12. Yes it’s from an ochre Serveta Jet. Probably SX style panels and red internals. mote than Likely Fromm a September 1973 as there are several in this 5537xx range that are sept 73 on my list. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll add it to the list now.
  13. I’ve spent the money and time to repair tv200 and sx200 cases in worse shape than that. This is a 125 case. It will be More affordable to find something else bare and transfer all the innards. Check the chain, crownwheel, gears, and all internal components carefully before you use any of them again. Some will need replacement I’m sure. the rear hub bearing is likely shagged too. Been here before. It’s unfortunate.
  14. Depends on how bad the cylinder is messed up. Clearance is 0.003 inches for reproduction pistons. It’s covered in Sticky book. A lot depends on the quality of the replacement piston.
  15. I 100% agree with this. There is only one guy I use and it’s a 45 min drive. He works from his home. Seen many people have poor/bad results after having cylinders oversized by motorcycle shops.
  16. https://scooterfix.ca/products/lambretta-piston-200-cc-o-66-40mm-8002186
  17. I’ll measure GOL 66.0 piston on Friday for you I thought it was the crankshafts that we’re particular to the use of shims.
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