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  1. Choke is stuck open, or possibly float leaking or stuck.. are you using fuel with ethanol in it? DON’T! https://www.pure-gas.org/ Also... what kind of compression have you got? You say new top end... was a leak down rear done when put together?
  2. Yes but you need to change the flasher unit to 12v and change those bulbs too
  3. 6N11A-1B but... change it to ac 12v with a regulator. Just get a three pin 12v ac regulator and change your bulbs. It will run 12 volts non battery its completely reversible and super simple to set up. Ground one of the two yellow wires off of the stator. the other yellow goes to the IN port of the regulator. tape off the red wire for the stator and also the battery wires. They are no longer needed. green stays the same as it’s ignition. Run a brown wire from the out port of the regulator to the rear junction box or to the brown wire in the loom that feeds the lights. that’s it. easy peasy.
  4. You need one of these for sure. https://scooterfix.ca/products/scootopia-lambretta-copper-earth-lead-19082130
  5. Your regulator is not grounded. You should also run a ground from the frame to the engine case. The regulator could be bad, check the reading from the stator wires themselves. Also change that 55 year old rear tire immediately. electrical issues can be difficult to diagnose and solve through text like this. if you are on Facebook there is a wonderful page by a guy names Anthony Thambs in the UK and he is an electronic wizard. He has many videos in his page on how to test various lambretta stators, regulators, and other electrical components. i can’t reccomend that page enough. Good luck with your project. Again, change that original tire immediately.
  6. I’ve not seen a production model like that (as of yet... hahah )
  7. How about the color of the insides and the type of fuel tank on yours Siobhan? You are so fortunate to have that Scooter. It’s really a rarity. At least 10 x more rare than an all Italian SX200. I’ve been saying this for years but folks don’t understand this becuse there is so little documention on these Eibar Lambrettas.
  8. The internals change to what people call PUKE GREEN at the 555xxx frame range. Many of these are in Canada. This one one Montreal with less than 500 miles on it from new had a date of Manufacture decal from July 1975.
  9. Here are the red internals. Again at about frame 5537xx in Sept 1973. See again the white painted silentblocks
  10. At about frame 5537xx in the fall of 1973 (I know this only from date of manufacture decals on the Scooters) the floor strips dissapear getting replaced with BLACK floor mats, and the internals get a shot of red paint.
  11. Here is another shot of the insides of a similar original paint Scooter. At this frame vin range note that the floor strips have now changed to BLACK floor mats Note also that the stand is still ochre. On the next photo it’s turned silver Note that the silentblocks are painted white This is a common feature among spanish Lambrettas
  12. Soon after at about frame 5533xx the chrome ring disappears and the Scooters start to wear a Serveta badge. All insides remain ochre, along with the stand, forks and hubs.
  13. Another photo of this spectacular Scooter.
  14. At approx frame number 5522xx the paint changes to ochre and the front brake changes to drum type hub. Almost all parts are painted the ochre including all the internals. Floor strips remain and chrome ring on the frame remains. Here is Brian’s original condition EIBAR Jet approx frame number is 5522xx
  15. Soon after they were made gold. See this original ad from 1967.
  16. A lovely green jet 200. Made in 1966 and probably registered in 1967. These were within the first 2/300 frames and engines.
  17. These panels are both from Jet 200 but the green ones on the right are the early ones with the thinner top edges.
  18. Jet 200 Number 20 off the line engine case. Yoh can see it’s Italian made with Innocenti logo. The first 2-300 jet 200 engines were Innocenti stamped.
  19. Here is a panel from an early jet 200.
  20. I believe so yes Pete. Some of the first green jet 200 have the thinner Italian panels. Perhaps they were changed to wider versions after the fuel tanks were produced with the wide shoulders. I’m not clear if the first jets with Italian parts had wide fuel tanks. These green scooters are very rare. Only about 200/300 were made in total.
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