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      Thanks Corey I will have a few questions on parts (mainly accessories I think) it goes for a safety on Monday --- All electrical now 100%. Even just got back from a night ride on a 7 day permit a few minutes ago. The big restoration will start when the snow flies (hate to say that but it's closer than we all want to admit)

    2. Curly


      Have you ever run across this style of legshield basket or reproduction ... will those from certain V3$p@s fit. I will also be looking for a rear and front carrier. I will be building a custom "trunk" for the rear carrier hence the size selected. So if there are any negatives or plus from you and other members about the front and rear carriers please let me know. FYI: I have no intentions for crash bars when it comes to the front carrier and I see the option for short or long legs. Which looks better without crash bars short or long or do you have any pics so I can see the difference on a S3. Thanks and share this with any or all ... I'm slowly learning this web site and posting stuff but I spend most of my spare time tinkering or playing bass guitar to be honest. Have a great day. FYI I'm totally into used or even rusty but functional parts as I have access to cadmium and other plating. FYI the rear shock/spring I overhauled will be getting Cad platted for durability and looks along with some of the other components.


      S3 rear carrier.jpg


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