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  1. Since it’s an Li S3 headset bottom just replace it. I’ve got a couple here for you andnits much less trouble. Id even do a discount on a swap for your busted one.
  2. There are at least 5 or 6 C I know of in Canada and the US. I got mine two years ago in Cleveland from POC Phil. Barry at SFSC has one for sale in his website too.
  3. Thanks to John Walklate I understand that your engine was made in September 1950. He says the frame should be within a 400 tolerance of the engine number.
  4. Please check your email for my message. Thanks.
  5. Has a c model straight kickstart lever too. I've emailed you. Cheers.
  6. Thats a C model. It has c forks at least.
  7. Mike and Benji. I thought DL as well... for your reasons, and the black cables and floor runnders and panel rubber... BUT... note the case studs and nuts. No bolts. Anomaly?
  8. I’m no longer a paid full member so I’ve edit d my comments. Thanks.
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