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  1. Garagista Auto Service 6423 atwell dr Houston, Texas m.me/garagista777 Call +1 832-885-5728
  2. I’ll see what I’ve got here. Some of them a very long that I’ve got.
  3. I wish i had been on top of this a few weeks back. Id have brought you a series 1 frame to take to Rudy. I dont imagine that second frame would have made things any easier that afternoon though. Hahaha! have a fantastic trip.
  4. I imagine it would work.. yes.
  5. I’ve got 5 series 1 frames here. All of them list as series 2 frames. Ask John Walklate to date it for you. Go here. http://www.lambrettaframecheck.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR2Ui-zm_rwG_yWnhFonc4MQK5yPksxOOh3fwzW_ypB12Gq1WE1ihj0a7_A
  6. See here. https://m.facebook.com/scooterfix.ca/photos/a.10151944995403901/10152307457193901/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal
  7. Contact me though FB and I’ll get you some more info. This Conversion uses the dc6v motoplat stator and flywheel and is completely reversible back to 6v DC at any time 1) Replace the rectifier with a three port refulator 2) Ground ONE of the two yellow wires from the stator to the engine cases, the other yellow wire goes to the IN port of the regulator 3) Tape off or remove the red battery wire. It’s not longer used. 4) Run a wire from the out port of the regulator to the junction box at the rear of the frame/floorboard leg (any spot in that junction is ok for this wire other than the greens that are for the ignition only. Plug the green from the stator into the green as this is unchanged.) 5) Don’t forget to run a wire from the ground port of the regulator to the frame (I just out a Y in the wire and connect the first yellow to it to ground it out there) 6)Change all bulbs to 12v and possibly the horn. Job done. The 6v battery, it’s loom, and all that’s related to the battery will no longer be used ansnis not needed. The red battey wires can be taped off. You can get the turn signals to work with the ac if you change the flasher unit to a 12v version, and plug the grey hot feed for the signals into the same junction box at the rear frame leg. Peter Lundgren did a write up on this conversi n and it is in the files section of the Serveterans FB group.
  8. Since it’s an Li S3 headset bottom just replace it. I’ve got a couple here for you andnits much less trouble. Id even do a discount on a swap for your busted one.
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