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  1. Set the points gap correctly, and turn the stator all the way clockwise. That should get you a lot closer to 19 BTDC You can get this 6v DC Motoplat system to run as 12v AC very easily too. Message privately and I can explain
  2. There are Facebook groups specific to this topic
  3. Also a picture is worth 1000 words. Post a photo of what you describe has happened to your hub. There may be something going on we can’t see through your description The PINGING sounds you describe may be an entirely different set of things going on.
  4. The stud problem you have is caused from the nuts not being tight. Make sure you are using M8 nyloc nuts and m8 wave washers in the hub studs. Make sure you have decen hub studs in the hub that are not made of cheese like some cheap East Asian reproduction studs that have been know to shear off the first time you tighten the wheel rim. You donnit need to open the engine to replace the rear hub oil seal. Hlremive the hub and prolerly clean all that area with acetone or brake cleaner. Change the seal. Ensure that there are no cracks around the area where the bearing seats in the engine cases. Things need t be very clean to see things properly. Inspect very carefully. Some reproduction rear hub bearings leak around the outside of the bearing race between the case and the bearing. Sometimes this can be stopped by using loc tire sealant when you install the bearing. There have been bad batches of rear hub bearings that simply don’t fit the casss properly and they are paper weights. First off: remove the hub and investigate the source of the oil. Inspect the splines in the hub core and if damage replace the hub and the cone that it seats on Secnd: clean the hub and replace the oil seal and the brake shoes. If thebshies have seen oil they are contaminated and need to be replaced. People use brake cleaner and say that shoes are reusable. These are your brakes, replace the shoes. Third: replace the hub studs, you will need a 12mm socket probably ground down flat on the chamfered edge inorder to grab the stud properly. They are reversed and thread in backwards. https://scooterfix.ca/products/lambretta-hub-stud-19044002-each Lastly replace the rim and get new nyloc nuts and washers on that rim and the hub. replace all 8 of each. While the rim is off of the tire consider changing the inner tube if its older, shows rust from the rim, or is pinched in any way shape or form. Figure out what’s causing the problems before throwing money at expensive parts that may not solve anything at all.
  5. My thoughts are that this is a solution to a problem that does not exist. Unless your engine is producing 20+ HP at the rear wheel this type of hub is not needed.
  6. Ensure the gearbox is in neutral. Fit the longer trunnion and shim into that pivot piece at the back and through the hole in the tie bar. That process will position it correctly. It is just a pivot and acts on the tie bar.
  7. @vdublammy I avoid eBay as I don’t have the time to search it like mad the way I used to. Thanks though. That person in Search ended up buying a reproduction one as the price of an original was way too costly. Last two I’ve seen were on FB through Carlos and the asking price was 300 GBP and they sold quickly.
  8. I’ve paid $100 USD just for a S1 headset top. Until the last few years thebspeedometer rings were difficult to find too. Now remade though.
  9. Stu... is the horn grill part of the casting and not removable? If so thatnhorn cast is even more rare as it’s very early series 1.
  10. Find another original series 1 horn cast anywhere in the world. I had a customer looking for one for two and a half years. Maybe Swiss Tony ( Carlos ) might have one. Maybe Rimini. That’s about it. And if they do top dollar for sure. Even an Indian repop horn cast and headset are $400 Usd on eBay.
  11. The horn cast and headset are worth about $500 USD at least.
  12. Do not coat the tank with anything. Just dont. Please don't paint it. If you want a scooter with different paint sell this original paint scooter off PLEASE. I beg you not to touch the paint. You will devalue the scooter. I will happily send you another scooter in need of paint if you want to get something in a different colour.
  13. Garagista Auto Service 6423 atwell dr Houston, Texas m.me/garagista777 Call +1 832-885-5728
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