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  1. looks like it's stuck somewhere between Iowa and California. Sent a replacement this morning.
  2. http://www.ironmountainroad.com/
  3. Time is running out to ensure you get a shirt and a seat at the Saturday night dinner! https://members.lambrettaclubusa.net/store/category/5-lambretta-jamboree-registration/
  4. Last call on enamel legshield medallions for attendees. We currently are only offering these as a pre-sale for attendees when they register for the Jamboree. If you want one then you better get registered by this Friday, May 18th! https://members.lambrettaclubusa.net/…/5-lambretta-jambore…/
  5. Yep, here's the video Peter made. So a 150 main doesn't sound too crazy?
  6. Ha! I like that name. The piston was modified to pretty much replicate the Imola. Yes, remote air filter. The biggest main we had was a 147 and that actually seems fairly close. The thing is so much faster than with the 25mm and no reed.
  7. matty

    BGM V4

    It's this http://www.scooter-center.com/en/product/7675906/Muffler+MR+PARTS+STYLE+for+BGM+PRO+Clubman+Lambretta+Series+1+3?meta=7675906*scd_ALL_en*s20575334260608*clubman can*2*2*1*16 Here's his unscientific video video-1525118255.mp4
  8. matty

    BGM V4

    I was thinking of that too, have one? ordering soon?
  9. Are the newest ones much quieter than the original? Looking to quiet things down a little, yes I'm getting old.
  10. unless I missed it, I didn't see the 198 with a reed there.
  11. Anyone running anything similar? Just added the reed and 28mm carb. Mugello 198 kit28mm PHBH LHT V3 ReedBGM exhaust
  12. Current itinerary posted here: https://www.lambrettaclubusa.net/itinerary.html
  13. I do think it would help to post about that stuff on the forum more often too, I'm guessing most people have the forum bookmarked and rarely go to the home page.
  14. Who here is going to be the first to try it out? https://www.scooterlab.uk/smallblock-quattrini-210-lambretta-road-review/
  15. am I reading that right - plus 23% internet premium - plus 10% - plus 8%? So then final cost is $4600?
  16. Just printed! Black Innocenti pocket T with Lambretta Club USA printed on the back and a sweet old school 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt, check 'em out! http://store.lambrettaclubusa.net/lambretta-club-usa-3-4-sleeve/ http://store.lambrettaclubusa.net/lcusa-pocket-t/
  17. Sure, I can donate a case of Strawberry Shortcakes.
  18. The most reliable Vespa ever built.
  19. Large 12" by 3" canvas patch. http://store.lambrettaclubusa.net/large-lcusa-canvas-patch/
  20. Hope you and others in Florida have a safe and uneventful weekend.
  21. Kieran, you're selling me the orange one right? Cat included?
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