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  1. I'm thinking Darren just wants to do some fishing in the Land of Sky Blue Waters.
  2. Yes - they say modern showers, didn't see them but we'll take an "official" tour, instead of just sneaking in, one of these days. There are also hotels 2 miles away.
  3. Peter and I finally went down to check it out the other day, and it's pretty sweet! Nice big indoor dining hall with a full kitchen and the bunkhouses are spaced out quite nicely. A few fire pits and a nice area big enough for a gymkhana. Also plenty of room to pitch a tent somewhere if you would rather do that. It's quite secluded yet only 2 miles from town. I think it could be perfect and cheap.
  4. Thanks for that! I wish he had a couple more pictures.
  5. I realize the new store isn't quite ready but maybe Kieran has an idea?
  6. I appreciate the feedback. We come from a craft/handmade background and realize there is a difference between a hobby and a business, we already have a business so this will be a hobby item. I have no aspirations of making money off these just looking to make a somewhat affordable usable item for some friends. I had the idea to make one for myself and since my wife is great at making patterns and doing the sewing I figured we'd throw it out there if anyone else would be interested. Once you have a pattern there really isn't much difference in making one or ten. Wasn't me wanting to make the legshield bags.
  7. We will for sure check it out, wasn't sure if people would be put off sharing a bunk house instead of having a private room or not. We aren't sure if it'll be in Minneapolis or in the country yet either, but don't worry Darren even in the big city we have great fishing!
  8. I know it'll be a couple years until Minnesota loses to some other Colorado city, but while doing some research on possible locations I came across this place. Now it's a state park but it was once a German POW camp in a small town home to Schell's Brewery (one of the oldest in the country). It has a group center that contains 8 bunkhouses, a building with a kitchen and dining hall, modern showers, etc. Now would it be weird to have bunkhouses? Each one holds like 14 people and would be easy enough to have a quiet, family, and a party bunkhouses. You can also throw up a tent outside if you prefer. You would have to bring your own pillow and bedding or I suppose that could be included in registration. There are some hotels within a couple of miles for those who would rather go that route. Just curious what people would think of something like this before we look further into it. Here are few pictures - the first three are of the group center. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/virtual_tour/flandrau/dialup.html
  9. That sounds good. I hope to get the fabric this week and will see when my wife can get sewing. Also thinking of reflective piping. We'll test out a handle too.
  10. Oh we're all old up here, the cold winters just keeps us looking young!
  11. >A bunch of us from MN headed off to Milwaukee this past weekend for the Brew-City Weekender rally and had a good showing of Lambrettas from our group. >Also outside of Rockford Rob, we brought the only other Lambrettas at the entire rally. Dang, now I really wish I could of gone.
  12. Thanks all for the feedback. I'll look more into the type of fabric we'll use, I like the idea of the liner like timbuk2 does Scott, obviously that affects the price. We have a local distributor of marine grade fabrics that I'll be checking out. We'll work on an other prototype and send it out to someone to test out. The first ones are to get the shape and size right and next ones we'll focus on the construction, materials, and how it attaches. Cost is still up in the air, once we figure out what we'll be using we can narrow that done. If anyone wanted a custom colored one that could be a possibility as well. I have a friend that is amazing with vinyl and leather that could do one with those materials but it would be a lot more money. I'll probably have him do one to match my seat. I'll keep you updated.
  13. Deciding if this something worth producing or just having my wife make a few! This one is just a prototype made out of an old duffle bag. I would probably just make it in a black Cordura type fabric with stiffer sides and bottom. Vinyl is also an option to match your seat. Currently using velcro to secure it to the rack, also thinking of trying straps instead. I'm going to load it full of stuff and ride around to see how well it stays on. Any interest or suggestions?
  14. Second the comps that Stu lists. Also check the out the Standells and the Seeds.
  15. matty

    We are the mods

    I can't believe they let more modern models like that Heinkel ride with the classic V3$p@ and Lambrettas.
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