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  1. Awesome, I have a similar set up and love it.
  2. Early bird special on registration through December 31! $65 members $75 non members.
  3. Ha, dang we are giving away a clue! yes 3.50x10 Thank you!!
  4. For starters we need tubes and tires. I do have one new Zippy 1 tire and would gladly donate it if someone else happens to have an other.
  5. We are hoping to keep what the actual scoot is a secret for as long as we can so for starters we'll ask for the more generic parts that we need.
  6. I check with her, they closed for the season the first week of october so maybe she is taking a vacation. Rates are pretty reasonable anyway, so the group rate might not be much less worth checking.
  7. The main hotel is full, we have a secondary hotel about a block away. Our secondary hotel with group rates ($99) and a block of rooms is the Econo Lodge Email Glenda (don't call!) at Glenda@custerhospitality.com and use the group name Lambretta for the block of rooms. They close for the season October 1st, so please email and she will get in touch. Calling after the 1st gets forwarded to the national line and they will not have the group details. Other Secondary Lodging Chief Motel - across the street (has pool) Mile Hi Motel - across the street - older retro Rock Crest Lodge and Cabins 3 blocks away Bavarian Inn - Nice hotel 1 mile away. Many others in town to choose from, all nearby. Camping French Creek Campground 4 blocks away Crazy Horse Campground 1 mile away Buffalo Ridge Camping Resort 1 mile away also various camping options at Custer State Park
  8. We will be opening up the overflow hotel to non-members this week. Do email glenda@custerhospitality.com at the Custer Econo Lodge to reserve your room, corporate won't have the group info if you call. The hotel is now closed until early spring. There are plenty of other options within blocks of the hotel, whether you want a nicer lodge like setting or a campground. There will be no issue if you wanted to leave your bike at the Rocket.if you stay elsewhere.
  9. Members can check the members news section for updated lodging info.
  10. Sounds like the Rocket Motel is booked up, do feel free to call and put your name on the list for any cancellations. I just got a group of rooms at the Econo Lodge which is about 1.5 blocks from the Rocket. Give them an email and use the group name Lambretta for the block of rooms. I believe it's $99 a night there. Email Glenda at Glenda@custerhospitality.com They do close for the season October 1st, after that please email and she will get in touch. Calling after the 1st gets forwarded to the national line and they may not have the group details. Thanks everyone!
  11. Did you do the rebuild or someone else? If someone else get in touch with them.
  12. matty

    Hydra Rear Brake

    good eye, I missed that. Siobhan have any inside info?
  13. matty

    Hydra Rear Brake

    Thoughts on this? https://scooterlab.uk/hydra-hydraulic-rear-brake-conversion-lambretta-news-2/
  14. Last call to get your room before we open it up to non-members. https://mailchi.mp/a8bfdcc1615b/newwebsite-1575945
  15. Yes. Friday there will be a fast 175 mile ride up to Sturgis, Vannocker Canyon through Deadwood and back to to Custer, will also offer a slower/shorter ride. And on Saturday we'll hit Needles Highway, Iron Mountain road, Custer State Park and others with a stop at Mt. Rushmore.
  16. Scoots are on their way, thanks to John, and Peter and I are flying out tomorrow.
  17. This is a good start, but feel free to ask away.
  18. Jamboree gets first dibs, if any left we'll put them up at the store.
  19. I think so. well brass colored at least.
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