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  1. For reasons that cannot be explained scooter boys of the 80's traded in their flight jackets and camo pants and took styling cues from the Preppy Handbook, this fad did not last long.
  2. Are you ready? https://mailchi.mp/a88905a41eb7/medallions-1777221?fbclid=IwAR1Xy64W64B1xzK-MT_ZlnJgym0qn6rQWFVAlLsqnv69ztzwW9w4YWvoulg
  3. Friday is the last day to register to guarantee a shirt in your size. It'll probably be another week before they are printed, but better safe than sorry. https://members.lambrettaclubusa.net/store/category/5-lambretta-jamboree-registration/
  4. Now kids 8-17 can register for the Jamboree! They will receive a shirt, patch and meals at the discounted rate of $20.
  5. For registered attendees and to be picked up at the Jamboree only! Hand screened 6 color 18" x 24" posters signed and numbered by Adam. Pre-order now or grab one at the Jamboree. If any are left after the Jamboree we'll put them up for sale to be shipped to you. http://store.lambrettaclubusa.net/2019-black-hills-screen-printed-poster/
  6. What's going on with that LD?
  7. I do 3% with a good synthetic or semi-synthetic 2 stroke oil (made for motorcycles) I also try to use non-oxy gas when I can, I have a 5 gallon can I keep at home. But also stick a mixing cup and oil in your glovebox for when you need to fill up while you're out and about.
  8. Two weeks left to guarantee a Black Hill Jamboree Medallion! Don't delay, register today! https://members.lambrettaclubusa.net/store/category/5-lambretta-jamboree-registration/
  9. "Don't forget to photoshop out my foot so it looks like I'm going fast"
  10. Will posted this on facebook, sounds like great option. HEADS UP! Just got off the phone with Twila (owner of the Custer Crazy Horse Campground in Custer) and my wife and I reserved a cabin for the Jammy. She wasn't sure what a "Lambretta" was but said "oh your coming the week AFTER the rally" (Sturgis) and I said "nope we're coming for the Jamboree!". Either way, they have numerous Cabins and their "Deck House" left the week of the Jammy and she informed me that if we get 3 more campers to stay there and mention Lammy Jammy she'll give all of us 10% off the price. Just wanted to pass it along, she seemed super nice and the cabins looks dope, was gonna camp but for $45 a night the wife said cabin.....see you guys in August. https://www.custercrazyhorsecampground.com
  11. It came from Texas, not sure of the backstory. Denver or Peter know more?
  12. Ends at the end of the month! Only because I forgot to end it last month. https://members.lambrettaclubusa.net/store/category/5-lambretta-jamboree-registration/
  13. Yeah, still my favorite. New one is a bit different.
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