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  1. matty

    WTB 2016 Duluth Jamboree Patch

    The design above was never a patch, just the T-shirt, medallion and maybe some stickers.
  2. matty

    WTB 2016 Duluth Jamboree Patch

    We didn't do a patch with that design, and the ones we had done are gone. We do have a patch that go on the sprint bag that have a velcro backing and are made out of vinyl, has totally different artwork. Let me know if you're interested in that.
  3. matty

    Ebay Pasco

    Someone else.
  4. matty

    Ebay Pasco

    Ha, thanks Tony! maybe you'll win it next year.
  5. matty

    Ebay Pasco

    We were hoping to get this as the raffle scooter for next year. First he had it on Craigslist, Peter contacted him within an hour saying he'd be right there to get it, then the next day he replied that it's going up on Ebay. Still hope we can grab it
  6. matty

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    Scoots are on their way, thanks to John, and Peter and I are flying out tomorrow.
  7. matty

    I'm looking for some info.

    This is a good start, but feel free to ask away.
  8. matty

    Club Store at the Jamboree

    Fly up!
  9. matty

    Club Store at the Jamboree

    Jamboree gets first dibs, if any left we'll put them up at the store.
  10. matty

    Lambro for sale

    Raffle bike for next year!
  11. wow, nice!
  12. matty

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    I think so. well brass colored at least.
  13. matty

    My t-shirt order

    looks like it's stuck somewhere between Iowa and California. Sent a replacement this morning.
  14. matty

    Lammy Jammy 2018 Seattle

    Just in!
  15. matty

    2019 Jamboree Bids