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  1. I had this stupid fast other brand scooter that a buddy wanted...so we worked out a deal!
  2. I forgot to button up my drop seat...my butt hurts.
  3. Well...from a block away it looked like it was big enough to try the wall of death!
  4. I'm going to try to make it again. Depends on work. If I do I'll bring some snickerdoodles! Last year was a blast! It's like all the vintage heads at a rally without rally "responsibilities and events"....which I love...but it's a nice change to just hang out, trade junk and talk vintage all day
  5. If I'm not too late large short sleeve please!
  6. I'm hungry...who up there looks good for lunch?
  7. I have never seen that plate before but it rocks! Even better that it came from Dad! I think you could pull off a Batmobretta!
  8. I'm in if I'm not too late!
  9. Harley with "Hungry Hippo" takes it!
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