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  1. lamarc

    WTB 2016 Duluth Jamboree Patch

    Thank you fellows.
  2. lamarc

    WTB 2016 Duluth Jamboree Patch

    I have a "paddy smith" thin fabric (not vinyl, no velcro) square patch but I thought hat the patch of the design as shown on the picture was available for those attending 2016 Jamboree. Was that design available then or not? If yes, that is what I'm looking for and hoping someone is willing to part with his/hers for a generous offer of cash. Thanks.
  3. lamarc

    WTB Jamboree patches

    Would like to get those two to my collection. Let's say .... I've been mentaly away form this hobby for the last copuple of years. My email address: lamarc@me.com Cheers and thanks. JR
  4. lamarc

    WTB Jamboree patches

    2015 Passadena CA and 2016 Duluth MN unused. Thanks
  5. lamarc

    Notiziario Lambretta

    Great. Thank you K !
  6. lamarc

    Notiziario Lambretta

    It is a long shot but perhaps someone can sell/trade the following issues of that Innocenti magazine. Year Number 1949 5 1950 4 1953 4 1955 6 1956 5-6 1959 1 1964 2, 5 (titled Lambretta Club) Thank you.
  7. lamarc

    WTB Jamboree patch

    WTB 2012 & 2013 Jamboree patch. Thanks.