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  1. What the fuck us going on here? Can't leave a message, can't renew, too much 'puter crap going that takes up too much time.

    Hope this goes through and hope all is well,


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    2. k-dog


      can I mail beer??

    3. dirtyhandslopez


      I dunno.

      Was talking about a pint glass, the bit you put beer into:)

    4. k-dog


      Matty.... any lying around? ( gotta talk nice to him)

  2. Can we send a check? or even some of that green stuff called cash?
  3. Hey computer peeps. Getting on the site has been sketchy to say the least for the last two days. And yes, I now have an up to date computer . My computer is telling me it is "configured correctly" whatever that means, and the problem is on the site end. Que pasa amigos?
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