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  1. Brilliant! Not seeing much of an electronic ignition in it either?
  2. A true .003 clearance is going to give a ring gap of .009423...Pi theory. .009423... ring gap is what you want, or .0010 if you want to get all technical? It'll prolly run as it's honed, with new rings , but she's going to rattle. Ring's aren't going to seal 100%, barrel is scored. But it will run.
  3. Check barrel and crank also. If it was running a standard crank, the barrel would have been cut top and bottom. If it was running a long conrod, the cylinder wouldn't have been cut and it may have had a cylinder base packer. Looking at top of cylinder picture, it has not been cut.
  4. Have been through this with Jetex float needles in Sh1's and now in a new Scootopia 20mm. Try another float needle , the one you have in there may be too long, effectively allowing the engine to suck the float bowl dry, which is what sounds like is happening to you and your carb.
  5. Agree 100% with Solerunner. Not 100% that checking spark by grounding the green is a good idea on electronics, could end up blowing the pick-up, I believe the spark needs to go through a resistor of sorts. Have installed loads of Indian set ups and most work just fine. Is anyone still selling them in this country anymore or does everyone upsell to the fancy kits? Hate having to go abroad for an electronic kit, but not everyone is into paying $300+ for a flywheel and stator and then still having to buy regulator and cdi.
  6. Weird. None of the 554's that have been around here have SX panels. Or do you mean pre-554?
  7. The memory is a bit foggy from way back then but I believe that was a weekender ska fest tied in to a no name rally. If it is the same place and time, I was taken on as an on site repair shop. Loaded up the school bus with work benches, compressor, toolboxes, work bench, parts, the works. Was a brilliant weekend. I'll see if I can dig up a picture or two. Pietasters are awesome. When they played the Jammy here, they played for the bar tab, they wouldn't accept any other payment. Saw 'em about a month ago here and they still kick it, filling the dance floor. See 'em or book'em if you get a chance.
  8. Sorry Sam, only have a couple and need those for builds.
  9. Hey Sam, I'm sure I have one here if you rather not buy the tool...
  10. Were the nut and washer that fell off newly installed? Weird on the airgun business. Have been using a air butterfly rated to 50ftlbs(calibrated once a year by Snap On) for nigh on 20 years without any issue. I can see problems arising using a gun rated higher though. Ya definately have to make sure ya threads are clean.
  11. If you take meat out of the head to match the piston, compression will go down. What make of piston are you using? What is the compression height of it?The TV 200's I have built have had plenty of get up and go using the original head. As Upjetter said, any chance of a picture at TDC? Do you still have the original piston? It is my understanding a stock TV 200 had issues because of too much compression, using the central head and a stock piston....which is what you have, except for the replacement piston. My money is still on the piston being wrong as that is the only part in the equation which is not original.
  12. Think we are explaining deck height differently Adam. Deck height to me means the measurement from center of wrist pin to the top edge of the piston. Perhaps compression height would be a better definition.. A 1.8mm deck height would be a tiny piston. Nice job on the profile tool, they work perfectly for that job.
  13. I'd lay money down that the deck height on the piston is to short causing the squishing issues. Not all pistons are manufactured equally... If you no longer want the original head, I could use it.
  14. Another good trick is a vice or vice grips fit perfect every time
  15. You been putting out too much power on loose studs by the looks of it:)
  16. You didn't notice the stud pulling through when putting the wheel on? 'Praps it pulled through by the action of the rim wobbling because the wheel nuts had come loose. Wheel nuts may have come loose because the paint packed down under nut
  17. Tony, someone came up to me at the presentation at the Jammy who had some that needed doing. His name is on the tip of my tounge....he was with the girl who was riding the red GP with a Va. tag. Damn, wish I could remember his name.... Scott was his name. Scott are you out there?
  18. Best keep all these mofo's here stashed for another year or two then...
  19. Enlighten me please, what is that?
  20. Try different orientations of spider to crownwheel, ie turn crown and keep the spider still and try again. Have had clutches where that makes a difference. Tolerances are a mofo.
  21. Man, have been telling anyone who will listen for years now, we get the bits that are only fit for the bin. It's not the dealers here fault, they are just moving boxes around...
  22. Stu, see if you can get hold of some Piaggio P200 bushes. Becoming harder and harder to find correctly fitting brass bushes, the used original box of bushes gets dug through regularly here. A bad fitting bush can cause drag and lurching,fun stuff. Bearings rule!
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