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  1. Turns out I didnt upgrade. I rebuilt the big scary carb and its ran fantastic ever since.
  2. thanks. youtube is my friend Ordered the rebuild kit from casa or Jet or whatever they are called meow.
  3. no, but I pulled it off and its on the bench. Right next to one of the carbs from my moto guzzi and a revolver with a single bullet. Carbs make no sense to me, im a fuel injection guy. ones and zeros, ones and zeros! I will tear into it as soon as I get a chance. Just tried to find casa lambretta, which is the last place I bought any parts. Guess it is no more so ive got an email into "Jet200" about a rebuild kit.
  4. ugh. rejetting is no big deal, but now i am overwhelmed with options and little footnotes about having to change intakes and air hoses. Guess I need to call a place that sells carbs and say "hello, I am a moron. Please sell me whatever I need to make my scooter run." Shut up and take my money! lol
  5. Sweet. thanks for that. Too bad its across the pond, thats gonna take a minute to get here.
  6. I have an li 125 that loves to dump all sorts of fuel on the ground and runs pretty much when it wants to. Original carb. Would any of these be a direct replacement that would make it so I can go on a ride without pushing it back? (yes I am carb ignorant. They operate on magic and voodoo in my mind)
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