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  1. Mark

    key needed

    The key is for a Casa E64 ignition switch that I purchased in 2009. The Jet200 website still lists this same part with what appears to be the same key blank, so I'll check with them to see if they carry just the keys. I've gotten better over the years, but I still bang the key sometimes with my knee when getting off or on. Does anyone else do that?
  2. I like the Vega X380 3/4 helmet I got on Amazon for just $50. Even the 3/4 helmets can be quite huge, but not this one. Btw, if you read the info. that comes with a helmet they always warn you not to repaint the helmet as that can seriously weaken the outer shell. I'd suggest a white (easier for motorists to see) helmet and just add a racing stripe with tape across the top to match your scooter.
  3. Mark

    key needed

    Does anyone know where I can get an ignition key, or key blank, like the one pictured for my Series 3?
  4. Mark


    Check out these Decopods. I'd be super embarrassed to ride an MP3, but not one of these. Makes me wonder why Ve$pa couldn't have done something like this.
  5. Allstate $82 per year for: 50/100/100 liability, 5,000 or actual cash value collision and comprehensive no mileage limit
  6. I'm here in Chicago ...what did I miss out on? Mark
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I'll start the 150 and see how it runs.
  8. I've been riding a Series 3 for years, but have always in the back of my mind wanted an LD. I just love the look of that particular model. Now the opportunity to purchase a '57 125 or 150 has presented itself. Both LDs are in good cosmetic condition, but have some mechanical issues. We started the 125 and it smoked like crazy. Is that normal for an LD? It wouldn't stay running either. So maybe the air/fuel mixture was simply out of adjustment? Also, neither scooter was very stable on its stand. They'd rock side to side. Are parts available to fix this problem and is it an easy thing to fix? Thanks, Mark Chicago
  9. Thanks. I've never replaced a fuel tap. Do I just drain the gas and unscrew the tap from the bottom of the tank? I don't have to unscrew anything inside the tank, right?
  10. I had a bunch of particles and metal shavings coming through the fuel line on my Series 3. The shavings looked like small pieces of steel wool residue and they stuck to a magnet. The little particles were not magnetic. I always fill the tank from a metal gas can. I poured some gas from the can into a jar and the gas was clean. So where could these particles and metal shavings have come from? I have a stock tank and fuel tap set up that have been on the scooter and trouble-free for as long as I've owned the scooter, which is 13 years. Mark
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