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  1. Truly a bummer. You ride 2,500 miles in 15 days with mo problems. Go home and someone knocks bike over. Damn!
  2. PREPARE TO LAUNCH ! 10 , 9 , 8 ........
  3. That's the danger when ordering electronic ignitions from India on ebay. The translation is sometimes confusing.
  4. Ha! now that I can see the video, Mike is right. It's your plug cap.
  5. The cylinder was red hot. Cover carb with hand to cut off oxygen.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lambretta-Tool-dial-gauge-and-bracket-kit-MB/192144061159
  7. I removed a mk3 kick start last night from my D Racer build. Kristian is looking for a extra spring, or will sell the whole kick start.
  8. I was wondering if anyone recognizes this rack. Did it come on Serveta’s or is it aftermarket.? If anyone knows the name and where I could find one of these racks please let me know. It works great on this scooter , and I would like to get another one or two for my other scooters. Thanks.
  9. That scooter was listed on craigslist San Diego For $2800. The guy emailed me that it sold to the first caller for more than the asking price.
  10. Thanks Mike. I was considering buying a set for a project bike but, I wanted to be sure they would fit first.
  11. I would like to Install a Innocenti SX non-chrome ring Drop Bar Headset on a Jet 200 frame with Jet Legshield. Does anyone know if this is a fit? Will there be a large gap between the legshield and headset? Or clearnce issues? Thanks
  12. I had to stop bidding at $3000. Someone just wanted it more than I did. I've been kicking myself ever since. Should have gone to $3500
  13. Thanks for looking. Let me know if you do another run of them.
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