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  1. Just saw this... I was only in town for a week. My dad lives there. Lets grab a beer next time I roll into town.
  2. I have one of these framed up as well. Its a cool one.
  3. Clearly Oakland/San Francisco.
  4. Everyone welcome LCUSA's newest member to the club. Although we all know there is no such thing as a free Lambretta... We got his stock throttle loose yesterday. Now it's off to the races. Anyone have an extra front fender?
  5. That's it I am riding my bone stock TV2. I am not bringing shit besides my toothbrush, oil, some weed, and my tools. I'll be wearing the same underwear all week.
  6. Holy smokes. You should become a sculptor. What product did you use ? I have one with minor damage I need to repair.
  7. Man this really sucks. I really hope he pulls through.
  8. Agree... This is one is a meh....
  9. Nice. I'd love to go next year...
  10. Would be cool if LCUSA made these in a charcoal grey (color of grease?) for the store down the line.
  11. That is not a Lambretta, that is a crotch rocket shit for brains.
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