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  1. I will be driving from Western Switzerland in a 7 seater car on Friday June 5 and back Monday 8. If anyone wants a ride or needs camping gear. Not sure ill have space for a second scooter though....
  2. Eurolammy 2020 tickets? Airfare lottery! Here's a bit of Monza 2018 IMG_1298.MOV , just for fun.
  3. Yep. Doesnt look like much off site accommodation in the area. Big conference centre with lots of camping space though. Interesting region, especially for those interested in US WW2 history. See Battle of the Bulge...and Bastogne. I will probably drive up from Switzerland with a friend or two. I can bring extra tents and sleeping bags from camp if you need:)
  4. Is it too soon to talk about Belgium?
  5. Anyone riding in Vancouver 6/7 Nov when The Selecter and Beat are playing?
  6. Stock 6v Li 125S with minimal lighting, Stock TV175 (Except for 12 Volt ignition), TS1 225 Li Special. Of these, I think for the kind of riding I do, I like the TV best. It just about keeps up with traffic flow on local roads and gives some light. It's pretty cool to think of riding a 55 year old machine. How many of today's modern scoots will be in the road in 2073? Still, I am looking forward to an electric conversion....to ease my Green side conscience.
  7. How easy...or maybe hard would it be to create a map of members or Lambretta locations?
  8. No baffle. I'm baffled. interesting flat section by outlet.
  9. Hi, Is there a way to tell the difference between a Series 2 tank and a wide Spanish tank? Are they the same? Just wondering what to list for sale as...
  10. I was thinking of making an expedition of it and tenting....may have to bring truck and trailer.
  11. There were some very hot Lambro at Adria. Wish I got some pics.
  12. Tinker

    Monza 70°

    Will be going there by VW van with scoots in. Can bring camping gear for anyone that needs it.
  13. If anyone needs camping gear to use let me know I could bring some extra. I'll be driving from Switzerland, maybe with scoot.
  14. So many Air BnB accommodations to chose from in Venice. Arriving there on an overnight train is a fun way to start a visit.
  15. Tinker

    Monza 70°

    http://www.lambrettaclublombardia.it/index.html Monza inscription.
  16. Tinker

    Monza 70°

    Yep. A few Anglophone outcasts from French Speaking Switzerland.
  17. Tinker

    3D printing

    Great solution. Wondering about printing in metal...new lab opened up nearby. I'm going to investigate.
  18. Tinker

    3D printing

    Anyone had any experience of printing parts?
  19. Anyone any idea of original spec for oil on felt pad that lube the cam on flywheel?
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