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  1. Hey Chris,

    The guy you are talking about is not my friend.  My friend bought this bike (and a Jet 200 which may pop up here soon) from an old guy during an estate sale.  My buddy collects old stuff, and is very into the vintage clothing scene.

    My friend has never touched these bikes other than bring them home to his garage, and there they sat.  Any fiddling with them would have happened before he got them years ago.  My friend is absolutely not a scammer, he's just trying to figure out what he has and asked for my help.

    I've not seen the bike in person.  I appreciate everyone's feedback.

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  2. Hi All,

    A friend of mine in SF has a cream puff Serveta and we're trying to figure out a value so that he can sell.  He does not know much about Lambrettas, so he's asking my help.

    This bike has 677 miles on the odo.  It has not run in about 8 years he says.  Been garaged forever.  What price do you all think?

    I will get the frame number later today.

    Thanks, Mike











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  3. An update.  We were going to cancel the Saturday ride because of lack of attendance and lots of road closures.  But some people spoke up and its still on.  The Saturday ride is our long ride of about 125 miles.  Expect some U turns and a little confusion due to so many washed out roads.

    Thanks, Mike

  4. A few of us from the First and Last Chance club in Oakland rode to the all Italian car and bike show in Alameda.  Its yearly event that supports the Special Olympics.  We support it every year.  From there we rode to Faction Brewing and watched the Blue Angels.  A great day.

    Here are 4 of 6 Lambrettas our club showed up with.




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