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  1. 288 nF (nano-Farads) is what my condenser is reading.
  2. Thanks for that link, its a great article. It almost has what I'm asking for.
  3. And sorry, I've never been able to figure out if the correct spelling is condensOR, or condensER.
  4. Thanks, Mike. My multimeter does check capacitance. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0050LVFS0?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 Just wondering how many micro-Farads a good condensor should show.
  5. I have a mutimeter and a condensor. I'd like do know what the capacitance rating is for a 4 pole condensor. A condensor is just a capacitor, so the rating should be in Farads. I've searched but no one mentions the actual Farad rating when the condensor is hooked up to a mutimeter. Condensor type: http://www.riminilambrettacentre.com/en/casa-lambretta/elettricita/condensatore-per-volano-filso.html Thanks, Mike
  6. For removal, its probably best to use the tool. But for install? Heat and freezer has worked multiple times for me. No broken ears. Pull the silent blocks out of the freezer, put some oil on the silent blocks, heat the ears, and insert them by hand with absolutely no drag. They go right in. You just hold them in place and the ear cools and grabs the silent blocks. QED.
  7. Haha, I've moved from pro-paints to rattle-can-only now, so I'm probably the wrong guy to talk to. When I shot properly, I used Transtar because a dealer was 2 blocks from my house. I stuck to their single and two stage urethane products with good results. My gun is a DeVilbiss HVLP starter set deal from Eastwood. Did fine by me with a 10 gallon compressor. https://www.tat-co.com/
  8. Welcome! This is the book to buy: http://jet200.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=152
  9. I bought a first over (60.2mm) piston and shipped the top end to Adam at Sole Power. Got it back today. Looks great! Adam figured out that at some point the piston was probably rusted in place. Someone got it loose and maybe did a hone job, but it was not good enough to account for the circumference of metal that had been eaten away from the cylinder walls. Hence my compression issues. Can't wait install this.
  10. You know how sometimes you have end play on the throttle or gear change side of the handle bars? You can literally pull outwards on the throttle or gear change handle just a bit? An unforseen yet positive outcome of this is that when its all together the bar end now snugs up the entire throttle or gear change mechanism. The slop is gone. Sure, you can also snug it all up by repairing the slot or paddle in the throttle and shifter tube if the wear is bad, but this ended up working nicely for tightening up just a little slop.
  11. Heck, this lets me do a tech post. Here's how I installed bar ends on the bike I built for my wife. First I bought a set of standard bar ends that have the compression rubber. I pulled the compression rubber off and just used the bar end and the screw that came with it. Turns out the diameter of the screw was almost the same as the diameter of the bar attached to the paddle. So I visited a friend with a lathe and we went to work. 1. Turn down the screw that goes through the bar end. Only turn down the amount of screw that will enter the paddle. Basically, just remove the threads so you have a smooth shaft. Then rethread the now smaller diameter portion of the screw. 2. Drill and tap a hole into the paddle. 3. Screw on the bar end. Finished product:
  12. The Butte Fire and Valley Fire are the ones making the most news. My brother lives near the Butte Fire and has not had to evacuate yet. You can learn more here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zp8nK_5H0MFQ.kzTmU5XK-qJQ
  13. Hey Josh, My entire green and white bike is powder coated. That was done in 1999. I wish I could remember what I did to clean out the fork tubes, but since I can't remember, it couldn't have been rocket science. Just get in there with something. Heck, knowing me I probably used some old rags and pushed them in with a coat hanger... Was I the one that told you to do that?
  14. Buy a case of carb cleaner. Inhale deeply.
  15. This gal is running 95psi of compression. Time for a rebore. Anyone got a handle on where to get a first oversize TV1 piston and rings? I'll look around myself, but thought I'd ask here too. Thanks, Mike
  16. Sorry, I got ahead of myself on the whole "DO NOT use flux core" thing. If your welder kit came with flux core, I'd highly recommend practicing with that first. You'll need to learn how to install the spool, set the tension, feed the wire, set the polarity, install a proper tip, etc. Get scrap steel, gloves, helmet, etc. Watch youtube vids on MIG, and then have fun splatter welding. Better to practice without gas first since its one less thing to wrap your head around. It will also make you appreciate gas MIG when you get there. You will suck at first: wrong wire speed, incorrect voltage, too thin weld, not enough penetration... Just have fun drawing beads on flat steel, forget joining metals for a bit.
  17. That's actually a pretty cool repair.
  18. Use a dedicated sanding disk for steel or aluminum. Wipe off with acetone.
  19. Nice welder, Chris. You should be able to do all your welding with 115v. I only ever use .30. You MUST use shielding gas for most jobs. Do not use flux core. Flux core is for practice or welding a fence in the middle of a field. Lambretta steel is high quality, no worries there. IMHO the #1 thing to keep in mind when welding, much like painting, is prep. Clean the weld area. Clean, clean, clean. Then your welds have a much better chance. Also practice. Time under the hood is well spent. You need to understand the relation between wire speed and voltage. Weld puddle management is an art.
  20. Any place that can let extra air into the area behind the piston could cause this. Not to get too crazy (because the symptom is usually simpler than our minds allow us to believe) but air can also get in at the mag flange. Yes, the cylinder base gasket could do this, but I'd also expect fuel and oil to come out of there also.
  21. You obviously know this, but it sounds like an air leak. If you use the choke do the rpms go down? In all your debugging did you check the intake gasket for health/tightness?
  22. Speedweek is cancelled this year. Dunno if the Motorcyle Speed Trials are cancelled. http://bonnevillespeedtrials.com
  23. Haha, I like your upper shock tab jig. My jig is masking tape. :-)
  24. With enough heat and chemical mixtures and time it will come apart. It didn't get that way overnight, so don't expect it to come apart overnight.
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