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  1. Heat in water, install 180 off, and spin 180 once installed is the trick. QED, Thanks!
  2. I tried installing one and it just seems incorrect. I need a picture of what they look like installed. If anyone has a pic, I'd appreciate a look-see. Maybe a long shot, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks, Mike http://scootersoriginali.com/products/lambretta-side-panel-handle-spring-rubber-boot-clip-set-ld-series-1-series-2-scootopia
  3. OK, thanks. As I suspected. Yep, I was thinking of "from the top" on the removable side.
  4. Maybe there's something obvious I'm missing, but I can't get the side panel buffers installed correctly. I can start to slide them on, but how the heck do you get them to curve around the right angle? Boil them in water first? Picture shown for reference. I understand that you have to slide the buffer over the rear floorboard support. Thanks, Mike
  5. Popping this back up. Hope to see some of you this weekend.
  6. Been running a Deanspeed 190 on my original '62 li crank for years. No probs.
  7. Our club member, Syd, says this about our ride: "This one is perfect for those of you who b**ch about not having enough *riding* on the other rallies. It's mostly riding. Less talk more ride. This isn't for beginners. After 20+ years on a scooter, it's only the 2nd rally I've ever crashed on - and this one actually hurt me. Beware railroad tracks near the port of Oakland and gravel in the middle of the back roads. Luckily though, the lead riders/hill racers are nice enough to wait at crossroads and route turns for those of us who prefer a more leisurely, yet still fast enough, pace in the beautiful East Bay Hills which will still be somewhat green this year." We will probably not have a follow truck, but we are never too far away from civilization. We have a designated lead and caboose. We allow people to ride at their own speeds and we always regroup at major turns or intersections and wait for the caboose. If you rode at ROM, our ride is very similar: just keep going and people will be waiting where it matters. If the worst happens, then we have people in the club with trucks. If your bike dies, then you hop on the back of someone's scoot and we'll ride back, get the truck and pick up your bike. We've done that before. Haha, a Jet200 or DeanSpeed 190 (what I have) is plenty.
  8. We've been meeting at Tiki bars for about 10 years now. I have no idea what tiki bar image that is on the site, but like you say, it ain't Longitude. I'll have to talk to the techies. Same ride as most years: Saturday is a 125 mile ride. Sunday we ride to Port Costa and hang with bikers.
  9. Our club will be hosting our yearly ride again. We missed last year due to too many adult responsibilities. Click below and scroll down a bit. http://oaklandscoot.com/ Thanks, Mike
  10. baronvonmike


    I'm sure this topic has been talked to death. Put it this way, one is currently the largest manufacturer of 2 wheeled vehicles in the world and the other is not. There's no way Innocenti could compete in the long run.
  11. OK, so I just saw this photo on my FB feed. I now have my TV1 front wheel looking just like this TV1. Just a little off the ground.
  12. Well, I should have read Stickies before asking: Pg 169 of second edition: "A properly set-up stand (as above) should be not too far off vertical, and leave the front tyre of the scooter slightly off the ground with 3.50-10 tyres and standard suspension fitted." I added new boots and put two m8 washers at the bottom of each. Now the front tire is 1.25" off the ground. I'll need some adjustment. Could also be due to a 58 year old rear shock.
  13. When your lammy is on its center stand, with brand new boots installed, should the front wheel be touching the ground or not?
  14. Shrinkage solved. Did pretty much the same thing as Kieran. I didn't boil my water, just used hot water from tap. Let them sit for about 15 minutes and they got really soft and pliable. Stretch, fit, stretch, fit, etc. Done.
  15. Dump the Indian glove box and get an older style. And why are there springs on the dampners???
  16. We have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. It has been about 3 years since my wife rode her bike. We're now kind of getting to a place where this might happen weekly thanks to baby sitting and pre-school. Lets hope so.
  17. My wife and I got to take the bikes out for lunch today. The kids are with my Mom. Sweet! We also met a bloke from the UK named Mark who stopped us as we were leaving. Said he hadn't seen a Lambretta since he's been in the states. He used to own a '69 GP 200 with TS1 kit. Wish we had more time to talk with him. Mike
  18. I've had the same Dremel with a flexishaft for 15 to 20 years. Flexishaft is key no matter what brand you buy.
  19. Sweet!! I've had others things to get to first. Thanks for the report. Mike
  20. I may try to remove it, boil it for heating purposes only, and then try stretching it. If that does not work then I'll just get new trim.
  21. Maybe its the cold weather... The answer to this question seems self-evident because of the following pics, but is it normal for leg shield trim to shrink as time goes by? Look how much distance there is between the end caps and the stock legshield trim on a 58 year old bike.
  22. The lightning fast progress continues..... So this happened. I have no idea when this bike last ran. Closest reg I could find was 1972. Still a ways to go, but this puts a smile on my face.
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