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  1. 1/4-20 Dome nickle head nut, flatten the top in a vice, drill threads out with a 1/4 bit, took edges off.
  2. The nipple that goes on top the the clutch pressure plate. I've just lost another one. I forget that it's still on, flip the engine over and it magically bounces off somewhere to hide with all my left handed shop gloves. Just spent an hour searching for it with no luck. Anyone make one successfully? A cable end nipple looks close if you cut the end off.
  3. I'll have a look tonight. I stopped last night as soon as I had cracked the case. I can only do a couple of hours in a 120 yr old, cold, drafty garage .
  4. I'm thinking I deserve this as my last 2 projects were terrible (reserecting the dead & taking the Cong out of the Viet). 4000 mile jet200. Open it up and looks like no one messed with it since the factory. *squeel*. This is going to be a pleasure. Just needs refreshing. The jug only needs a light hone.
  5. Its complete now! If anyone wants the legshield graphic, it is attached below as a PDF. I originally made it in photoshop and the printer changed it into a vector format and gave it back to me as a PDF. Told me this can be given to printers in the future. I print shop could change the number to match your year. Colours are correct to the Italian flag. To save on cost, its not necessary to print on clear vinyl (expensive). Just ask them to custom cut it, which is to trim it around the artwork. Put it on using a wet method (watch on youtube). But google "vinyl decal wet method" and not just "wet method", especially if you are on a work computer. DD (if for some reason the attached PDF cant be downloaded or is not showing up, just msg me and I will email it to you) Lambretta_Viynl.pdf
  6. Hey, this is my first expansion chamber. My Jet200s stand does not clear the pipe and it really impacts my corner clearance. What's the solution for this? Tx David
  7. I've got 2 here that look brand new, but are he kind with the springs in them. As I hate throwing stuff out, I'm wondering if you can take the plates off, springs out, and weld it up solid. Dd
  8. Indian GP. Had a 47 tooth CW. Thinking about it, in addition to what it would do to the ride, would I also have to go to a shorter chain, or could I take up the slack with the tensioner?
  9. Hey, Have a GP 200 and it's crownwheel is had it. I can get a free 46 tooth one in reasonable shape and free. It's a stock GP except has a scootrs pm pipe clone on it. How noticable would be the change in crownwheel and in what way? Tx David
  10. How do you decide what oversize to use? In the case I was talking about with regards to the small end bearing, would I use a 66.4 or 0.2 piston? And why? When I give the piston and barrel to shop, what bore clearance should I ask for? Tx David
  11. Went to a motorcycle shop and they used a proper guage. The piston varies from .28 to .178 and the widest part of the cylinder. So it's rebore time and OS piston. Tx for your comments
  12. Here is my Piston to bore: Piston on its own at top is 65.56 mm; at bottom is 65.88 mm Top of Barrel to piston (20 mm down from lip): - Piston clearance is 0.3mm - Ring gap: 0.406 mm Bottom of Barrel to piston (20 mm up from bottom of skirt) - Piston clearance is 0.15 mm - Ring gap: 0.381 mm When I originally put this in, as per sticky's book I measured the bottom and as clearance was 0.15 thought it was on the edge but okay. Ring gap from the top was also good. Thoughts?
  13. Gp200. Crank is not shimmed. End of conrod is 20.5mm. New GOL piston has a gap of 22.65mm. I had a 20mm small end bearing in, but had rattle. It's actually 19.75mm. so I had just over 1mm clearance. I understand the gap on each side should be between 0.7-1.3mm. 20, 22, or 22.5 SEB are my options, but I don't think they will call within what I need. A Polaris SEB #3080998 is 16x20x21.7 would give me 0.475 on each side. What does one do? Is it okay to try and file the gap larger? How do you do that and have it flat? Anyone have a 66 mm piston they can measure the gap for me to see if it's narrower than mine? Pic below of the piston. Some wear marks on the skirt, this is after about 1 hr of use Tx in advance David
  14. Me too. But this specific product was recommended by a friend that used it on worn silent block mounts and has still held after 10 years use. They make a number of different variations on this product, this specific one is for worn sleves. So I'm optimistic. I also came across an interesting glue being developed at MIT. They were setting up production in 2017. It uses nano technology. You put different compounds on each part and then they touch each other they bind at molecular level. Strength of a weld. One demo application was attaching glass to metal. Everything is pourous if you go small enough. For a laugh a sent the researchers an email and asked them if they want to try a test on a 55 year old Italian shopping trolley.
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