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  1. They did a good job, I just wasn’t there to oversee and make sure everything was done to specs. The frame is fine other than the center strut issue and he painted it just because it had nicks and scratches from previous owner. I know those shops can do it but it would be a task to ship it and I just want to get it back together so I can ride. I did talk to him today and he is going to make it right, with me being there to assist. All will be good but I may convince him to paint all 25 other parts while it’s apart. ?
  2. True. I ust don’t want it sitting there another 6 months.
  3. So I get my TV175 frame back from a reputable car restoration shop I do work for locally, that I had reweld my center stand strut correctly, and it is still not done right. He painted the whole frame as well which I wasn’t expecting! Good thing I had it all stripped down but I’m a little frustrated since this was done on trade and I have a good working relationship with them, and I don’t want to jeopardize it by going back and telling them it’s still not right. What would you guys do..... take it back or find someone else to do it right? I even gave them a good link on how it’s properly done with factory measurements, along with all the proper body work to make sure everything lined up correctly(said they checked it all ?). This is when I knew how to weld and paint myself!
  4. I'm going to go with the simplified harness because I like simple things. The battery and junction box will be shelved for the time being
  5. Doing some clean up work on my TV175 III that is stock and running a BGM electronic ignition, and looking to clean(simplify) the wiring someone previously did. What harness would be recommended? I've seen two on Jet200's site, the BGM one and the casa one I believe. Wanting to retain the stock look as well with the battery and junction box.
  6. And this is why I want to be a machinist! Good stuff, keep it coming!
  7. To have 80K uninsured is completely baffling but still sucks! inside job i bet.
  8. Anybody on here from Missouri going to the Jamboree? Still up in the air if I can make it but want to bad, just curious who might be making the trek.
  9. Dcrace

    clutch plates

    Thanks! That's what I needed to know.
  10. Dcrace

    clutch plates

    Needing to replace my clutch plates and springs on my stock TV175 and need recommendations on the best to use.
  11. Ditto on Hagerty! Way cheaper and better coverage!
  12. Not trying to detract from US suppliers but If all else fails you could try Scooter Fix up north. The exchange rate is in our favor too. http://scooterfix.ca/collections/lambretta/tools?page=1
  13. Nice! Can't wait to see this thing done!
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