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  1. If you buy from a shop, they will typically deal with the DMV for you. You still need to do to the DMV to get a license though.
  2. Yeah, never really took off. His name is Glen, he was at Lammy Jammy this year
  3. If that is a TV200 case, I'd be interested in buying it as it sits. I don't believe it will be cheap to repair, but it is possible, and worth it. I wuld really like to have the correct engine for my TV200.
  4. I have one I'm sure. Just cover shipping and its yours. I'm gonna need till the weekend to dig it out though.
  5. If you have run out of Jet sizes you might consider using a die to cut new threads in the larger 6mm jets down to 5mm jets. I remember John Sisson doing that at the races years ago. You should have no problem finding large enough jets in 6mm. That should be more accurate than drilling jets out.
  6. With the fall of the DMG racing series The Micheal Jordan Racing Team is looking for new avenues in the sport of motorcycling
  7. I had to weld mine there too, I backed it with aluminum, welded I'd up, then I added a piece of sheet metal to the back like skippy suggested, no deformation on the outside. It really helps to get full penetration of the weld, but not burn through which can be tough with mig and thin sheet metal.
  8. In thin sheet metal I like to use a heat sink on the back side. If it is flat, I clamp on a bar of aluminum, otherwise I use a flattened piece of copper pipe. This really helps to stop it from burning through or warping to much. Also going slowly (stiching) is key to cut down on warping.
  9. A hole in one! Big wheels, Big hole
  10. I'm all for San Diego 2018, but I'm wondering if it should be spread around this coast a little more. If not, San Diego 2018!!!
  11. I'm not coming up till tomorrow, but seriously I can wait! It's goi to be an awesome weekend
  12. Bernard, the event is next weekend, not this weekend... The main ride leaves the Saga hotel https://maps.google.com/maps?oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&fb=1&gl=us&sll=34.146196,-118.116791&sspn=0.0002136,0.0003441&q=the+saga+hotel+pasadena&gmm=CgIgAQ%3D%3D 1633 e Colorado blvd. at 10:30 am The show and shine is at 2:00 at the Saga at the address above.
  13. Exactly I had to do this on a Smallframe case it worked perfectly. The regular timeserts are nice, but the same size as the helicoil you need the big sert
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