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  1. if you see a silver special in the SF area ....it was a great scooter Fred
  2. The picture on the grass is from a couple years ago....the other ones on the blacktop were a couple weeks ago. Fred
  3. I am going to sell org. 1964 Li 150 Special....... anyone interested. 88ragtop DSCN0148_zpswow1vtfs.jpg.URL DSCN0301_zps5vxmie6q.jpg.URL DSCN0305_zpsc1pm7mwi.jpg.URL DSCN0302_zpsh3bfhs6q.jpg.URL
  4. 88ragtop


    Will you Please check on my membership to see if I need to renew or whatever ?? 88ragtop Thank You Fred
  5. It was at the Ralphs on Newport Rd..... Murieta... The store has really nice employee's One of the best of all the stores I service Fred
  6. here's my favorite picture... not bad for a 64 Fred
  7. I know this picture will make some of you upset, but I needed a display for one of the products I handle ''Pasta and Pasta Sauce Not enough time to ride it much - - so I used it to make money or just to show it off..
  8. Bernard Black and Yellow plate that I got in '64 No never "really painted, but my older sister let it fall over and she tried to paint the scratch you can see it on the left side under the seat.
  9. I'm sorry - - I gave the wrong impression. I have a new insurance agent and he wanted to include the scooter......I didn't know what it was worth, so I asked the experts. sell it I don't think so.....plus every time I walk into my garage I see the Lambretta next to my 1300 cruiser and I always smile. Fred
  10. Hav'nt figured out how to post "attach" a picture on this site. Tried to paste it that didn't work
  11. I started riding this scooter to High School back in the 60's. I think the only thing I ever replaced was a clutch cable and tires. It still starts on the second kick. Thank You Fred
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